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Bessie Ruth Pridgeon

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Birth  21 Aug 1904 
Sex  Female 
Died  24 Apr 1993  , Albany, Ga 
Buried  ,Dawson, Terrell, Ga 
Person ID  I136  Default Tree 
Last Modified  23 Jun 2005 
Father  James Jeremiah Jackson Pridgeon, b. 6 Aug 1871, Butler, Taylor, Ga 
Mother  Camilla Thweatt Mildred Underwood, b. 8 Aug 1875, , Talbot, Ga 
Group Sheet  F34866  Default Tree 
Family 1  Robert Taylor Speir, b. 26 Feb 1907 
Married  11 Jul 1926 
Group Sheet  F34902  Default Tree 
Alice, Bessie & Irene Pridgeon
Notes  !I do not have fond memories of Aunt Bess. She was a hard task master to a little, and expected perfection, which I was not.
As I grow older, I am sure she did her best in all matters, but the little child found her not affectionate, and too exacting, and with too much influence, along with her oldest dtr. Anita, on my mother.
Aunt Bess took in my Mother when she was 12, and her great nephew Sanford, my Mother's sisters child (Married to Taylor Spier's brother) at age 2.
Mother lived there until she married Daddy.

!Aunt Bess died on Sat. She died in Palmyra Hospital.
We were all talking and going over memories after the funeral. About how she
got the broom after the white cats she had for mice, which she did not want on the back porch. They always had ear cancor. Sanford talked of one time one got in the house, probably with a little help, and in trying to catch the cat and put it out, it got on the narrow attic stairs. When he lunged for it, it dived off the steps and landed in the Milk left seperating on the table
below...which was heavy with cream on top. The cat came out gasping for breath full of cream. Aunt Bess started to fuss and Sanford, but looked at the cat with cream all over its face, and very surprised look, and burst out laughing.

!Each summer I was sent to stay with Aunt Bess and she made me feed
sack dresses. I was supposed to appreciate these, but never did. There were only two or three patterns. I stood out as very poor. There were certainly two views of this situation, or three...My Mother was appreciative, and could not afford more. Aunt Bess did her "Christian duty" toward her niece. If she felt love, she had a hard time showing it to me.

Pierce Chapel Cemetery-Terrell Formed 2-15-1856.
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