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William Howe, (of Mecklenburg Co NC)

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Suffix  (of Mecklenburg Co NC) 
Birth  1 Oct 1738  Peters Township, Cumberland, Pa 
Christened  18 Jun 1742  , Berkeley, SC 
Sex  Male 
Died  31 Dec 1795  Greensboro, Greene, Ga 
Person ID  I18090  Default Tree 
Last Modified  31 Jul 2005 
Group Sheet  F35058  Default Tree 
Family 1  Jane Jennett Armour, b. 1760, , , Pa 
Married  1781 
 1. Robert Howe, b. 22 Jan 1782, , York, SC
Group Sheet  F35295  Default Tree 
Notes  1738-2 Oct Peters Township, Cumberland Pa...shown by Larry Ornett ornettl@coxnet on WorldConnect
1768 he lived Bethel Community, York when Mary was born
1770 he was in York Co when Martha was born.
1794-95- Will page 53-55 Greene Co Ga William Howe of the town of Greensboro, weak in body. To my
beloved wife Genet Howe one third of all my movable property. To my two daughters Mary Long and Moty Leget 5 shillings cash, and all my real estate in South Caroline to be sold and equally divided among my children. Exors: Andrew Armor, John Armor and Jane Howe. Dated 12 Oct 1794 Signed W Howe Wit. Wm. Greer, John Shaw E. Park (Ezekiel) Proved by John Shaw 31 Dec 1795 before Wm. Phillips R. P. G. C.

Also shown as born Berkley SC
Robert Howe and Susannah Guerin were shown as parents by one researcher
Cumberland Co. Pa. now Franklin Co. Pa.
Another birth year 1738 from Jan Yde 1981 Alameda Dr. Deltona, Fl. 32738 Mar. 2001.
This information from K Campbell Prodigy WXGP01A...10-19-93.
Another Birth date 12 Mar 1730.
From Kallie Katheryn Stow, a county History of Ga probably, sent me by a Pope
connection, with no title page.
Referance from Aurtha Olga Rolater Whitley in 1968 at the Atlanta Archives,Ga, told of her new book, just out at that time, and another York Co SC Family...She said they moved from Cumberland Co Pa..and two went on to Ky. Six Brothers Col Joseph,John,David,Wm,Robert and Capt James...whose Father she said she disclosed in her book...
Meck. 181 15 Jul 1766 William How and wf Catherine of Meck to
Robet Patrick for #12 50 A William Howe (seal) Catrin Howe (seal) Wit. John Thomas, Robert Leeper, Jno McCulloh.
From WHAT'S YOUR FAMILY LINE? by Adelle Bartlett Harper Georgia Magazine page date...
Article on William Jackson Jr. son Andrew Jackson in Baldwin Co. Ga. near Milledgeville..William's dtr Ruth married Newton Howe had one child.
From Raquel Sonnenberg Jan. She is searching for Polly Howe b Va a 1790..m William W.Calahan 1811 Jasper Co. Ga.
Submitter to ancestral file Joyce Ann Moseley Pierce Cypress Tx.
1766 15 Jul. pg 181 Vol. 1 pg 7..William How and wf Catherine of Meck. to Robert Patrick for 12 lbs..50 acres..William Howe seal Catrin Howe seal wit. John Thomas, Robert Leeper, Jno McCulloh.
Orange Co. NC 1760-1763 Commissions issued Feb. 25 1761 Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 by Clark. List Thomas Howe Capt. Job Howe Capt.
Will Greene Co. Ga. (Visit of May 98) William named wife Jenet..children not named. Andrew, John Armour Ex. and Jane Howe.

Line of Carol Mims Stephens 5848 Lupin Ave. Rialto, Ca. 92376 1982 wrote 4-90
Line of Julia Parker 220 Fairview Ave. Decatur Ga. I wrote 4-19-90

To Mecklenburg Co NC, Tyon Co NC and York Co SC mid 1700's

1792-8 Feb Greene Co. also shown as death date.
. William Robert Howe; Susan Sophronia Howe (Carson), Howe Family Bible
was born circa 1739 at York Co SC; Ibid. He married Catherine Craig (Howe)
circa 1758; Ibid. He married Janet Armour (Howe), daughter of Andrew Armour,
circa 1780 at SC; Ibid. He died in Dec 1795 at Greene Co GA; Ibid.

I saw some of your Howe information listed in Pike County, and I'm wondering if our Howe lines are connected in some way. My Howe line migrated from Pike County, GA to Randolph County, AL and Chambers County, AL. My gg.grandfather was Francis Marion Howe. He married Susannah Cook. They settled in the Rock Mill area of Randolph Co., AL about 1857. Francis migrated to AL with his brothers, William Thomas Howe and David Rucker Tinsley Howe. When the Civil War broke out, all three brothers enlisted and died in the war. My g.grandfather was Josephus L. Howe. He lived in Chambers County, AL and married Lucy. He was listed on the 1900 Census for Chambers County, AL, Bethlehem District. In 1920, Lucy is alone in Chambers County, AL. Their son, John W. Howe is in Rockdale Co., GA by 1910. My grandmother, Effie Eunice Howe Tant, was a daughter of Josephus and Lucy Howe. She married in Rockdale County, GA.
I believe that your Howe line was in Pike County at some point, and I'm wondering if our Howe lines might connect. I haven't gotten past Francis Marion Howe and Susannah Cook. I have no idea who their parents were. Have you run across any of these names, or those of the brothers of Francis, in your research? Thanks,
Thank you for the Howe information. I have been searching for my Howe line for several years, and have not gotten very far on them. According to the 1860 US Census for Randolph Co., AL, Francis Marion HOWE was age 26. If his age is correct, then that would put his birth abt. 1834 in GA. He was married to Susan COOK. On the 1860 Census, her age is 28. She was born in GA also. That puts her birth abt. 1832. I don't know where Francis and Susan were born, other than GA. Their only son (that I'm aware of, at any rate) was my g.grandfather, Josephus L. Howe, who was born in 1854 in GA. Francis and Susan Howe had 4 daughters, Martha, Sarah, Valentine and Mary.
The brothers of Francis were William Thomas Howe and David Rucker Tinsley Howe. I don't have their birth dates as yet. William Howe's name caught my eye, since it's also a name in the Howe line on which you have information. I will have to look at the William Howe who was born in York Co., SC, and see if I can find anything to connect to mine.
For the longest time, all I had was my grandmother's name and that of one brother, Andrew Jackson Howe, to go on. So, saying this has been slow-going is an understatement. There may be other brothers for Francis Howe. For now, all I have is that he and two brothers (William and David Howe) left Pike Co. GA for AL, where all three eventually enlisted as confederate soldiers, and died.
Son, Jospehus and his wife, Lucy, are on the 1900 Chambers Co., AL Census, but by 1920, only Lucy is listed, so Josephus has died. I have not found a will for any of these Howes, as yet. In 1900, Josephus was listed as a librarian.
A son of Josephus and Lucy Howe, John W. Howe, shows up in Rockdale Co., GA in 1910. He is their eldest son. He was born in 1881 in AL. His mother,Lucy, eventually lived with him before she died. I believe at some point, they moved from Rockdale County to Henry County, GA. I later find them there.
I'll search in the counties you mentioned and see if I can find anything. If I can connect them, I'll let you know.
I appreciate your information and thank you for sending it. Regards, Glenda
and again Jan. 12, 2004

I've been working on my Howe/Cook line. I think that I can trace the Howe line to Hiram Howe who was in Pike County, GA. He was married to Martha "Patsy" Gammon. One of his sons was Francis Marion Howe, who was married to Susan Randle COOK gr.daughter of Benjamin Cook. The first child of Hiram Howe was Alexander Eakin/Akin Howe. A brother of Francis Marion Howe was David Rucker Tinsley Howe.
I noticed that you were looking for a TINSLEY connection on one of the forums for Genforum, and it caught my eye. I suspect that my Howe line connects somewhere to Robert Howe, who married into your Gray line. I think my Howe line came from York Co., SC into GA. They went to Greene Co and Jones Co, before eventually turning up in Pike County, GA, and then later migrating to AL.
I know that the Howe line is not your primary line, but is a line marrying into your line. Have you run across any of these names while researching? All roads seem to keep leading back to York Co., SC before migrating to GA and AL.
A possible father for Hiram HOWE may be David HOWE, who married Elizabeth EAKIN. That would explain the Alexander EAKIN Howe name for the first child of Hiram Howe and Martha Gammon. This leads me to the question of the father of Elizabeth EAKIN, which I would think might be Alexander EAKIN. I have just started research into the HOWE/EAKIN connection.
I think I have seen your posts on the COOK and EAKIN forums, as well as the HOWE forum. Does any of this sound familiar to you? What is your take on this?
Glenda Lohmann
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