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Philip Wood Cheshire, War of 1812

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Suffix  War of 1812 
Birth  1790  , Bladen, NC 
Sex  Male 
Died  16 Apr 1874  Buford Community, Randolph, Ga 
Buried  Beaulah Methodist Church, Randolph, Ga 
Person ID  I306  Default Tree 
Last Modified  28 Jun 2005 
Father  Randolph Cheshire, b. 1753, , Bladen, NC 
Mother  Mary Dunham, b. Abt 1768 
Group Sheet  F35032  Default Tree 
Family 1  Sara Faison, b. 1804, , Bladen?, NC 
Married  1816  , Bladen, NC 
 1. Colin Murdoc Cheshire, (Mechanic), b. 1820, ,,NC
 2. Dunham James Cheshire, b. 17 Sep 1821, , Bladen, NC
 3. William Snowden Cheshire, b. 1823, , Bladen, NC
 4. Thomas Jefferson Cheshire, CSAWagonmaker, b. 23 Dec 1827, , Monroe, Ga
 5. James "Tom T" (Cheshi)r Cheshire, CSA, b. 1829, , Monroe, Ga
 6. Samuel Crawford Cheshire, CSA, b. 1830, , Crawford, Ga
 7. Elizabeth Cheshire, b. 1833, , Crawford, Ga
 8. Martha Jane Cheshire, b. 1834, , Stewart, Ga
 9. John O Cheshire, CSA, b. 1836, , Stewart, Ga
Group Sheet  F34882  Default Tree 
Notes  Bladen County, North Carolina, 13 July 1759 Will of Sampson Wood (per deed) Wife: Elizabeth (per deed) Son: Philip Wood (per deed) Son: Joseph Wood (per deed)
Bladen County, North Carolina, 1 Oct. 1771 Philip Wood and wife Lucy of Bladen Co., to Thomas Robeson, Jr. of same, Planter, for 87,000 feet of merchantable lumber…land on NE side of the NW Branch of the Cape Fear River, granted to Thomas Tenny, 28 Sept 1753, sold to Sampson Wood, 27 July 1759, and granted said 500 A to his son Philip Wood by his last will and testament, 13 July 1759, adj. Philip Wilkesons corner Philip Wood (seal), Lucy Wood (X)(seal). Wit. Ithamar Singletary, Peter Robison, Ack. by Philip Wood and wife Lucy, 27 Feb. 1772.

1812-Phillip and his brother Turpin were soldiers in the War of 1812. They served with the North Carolina Militia
from Bladen County. Turpin is on the muster roll of the First Company of the Fourth Regiment detached from
the Fourth and Fourteenth Brigades. First Company was detached from the Bladen Regiment. (SOLDIERS OF
THE WAR OF 1812: North Carolina - PG. 24.) Turpin served as Sgt. from 5 June 1813 to 15 Dec. 1813 at
Deepwater Point, N.C.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Files Volume I: A-F
transcribed by Virgil D. White
Pg. 383 Cheshere, Philip (or Philip Cheser or Cheshire)
Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the WAr of 1812 NC
Page 24 Bladen Co NC
Fourth Regiment Detached from 4th and 14th Brugades
Akfred Rowland Liutenant Colonel Commandant
John A Cameron 1st Major
David Gillespie, second Major
Fourth Regiment First Company Detached from the Bladen Regiment John Nicholson Captain J. C. Cumming 1st Lieutenant Robert McRee 2nd Lieutenant James Campbell Ensign Alex. McIver 1st Sergeant Thos. Smith 2nd Sergeant

Turpin Cheshire
Pg. 93 Philip Cheshire
State of North Carolina
Philip Cheshire a soldier in __CaptJ. Sellers__ Company of the 3rd Regiment of Infantry of the Militia of
North Carolina in the service of the United States, having faithfully discharged his duty during the term of
service for which he was required is now honorably discharged from the service of the United States, given
under my hand at Wilmington this ___19__dayof March __1815
Maurice Moore Col. 3rd Reg. Infantry NC Militia
North Carolina Militia - Bladen County Regiment Third Regiment Bladen County
John Sellars Captain
John Andrees 1st Lieutenant
John Andres
Samuel Singletary
Matthew Sikes
John Hair
James Sikes
Jonathan Lock
Nathaniel Sutton
William Mooney
David Sikes
Archibald Robeson
Aaron Larkins
John Bluie
Peter Cromartee
John Lisley
Beatty Sikes
Randolph McMillan
Ever McMillan
James Rising
Nehemiah Done
William Lewis
Charles Oliver
Daniel Singletary
Elisha Baker
Edward Plummer
James Benson
Brayton Singletary
Matthew Benson
John Martin
Elijah Smith
Alexander Watson
James Counsel
Richard Taylor
Alfred Sikes
Jacob Long
William Jones
Thomas Bedsold
Cornelius Ray
Henry Bullard
Samuel Smith
Thomas Davis
William Anderson
Lewis Suggs
Philemon S. Hodges
John McDonald
Philip Cheshire ******
Shadrack Wehersby
James Singletary
William Smith
Morgan Allen
John New
John Beard
Travis Bedsold
Aaron Plummer
Daniel Sellars
Samuel Cain
Wiliam Simmons
Neil McArthur
Duke Edge
Colin Monroe
John Smith
Joseph Allan
John Edwards
Neil Clark
John Davis
David Perry
Daniel Melvin
John Robeson
Simon Smith
Duncan Clark Jr.
David Russ
Angus Clark
Willis Hudson
John Mulford
Sion Callum
William White
Benjamin Singletary
William Wood
George Russ
Willis Singletary
Zaddock Hillbourne
Abraham Blackwell
Jesse Jones
William Robeson
Absalom Mairs
William McEwen
1820 Bladen Co. NC
Philip Cheshire 2 males 0-10
1 male 18-26
1 female 18-26
1820 census of Bladen County, North Carolina Randolph Cheshire 1 male 18-26 1 male 45 and up 2 females 10-16 1 female 18-26 2 females 45 and up Richard Cheshire 1 male 0-10 1 male 10-16 1 male 45 and up 1 female 0-10 1 female 26-45 Nicholas Cheshire 1 male 0-10 1 male 10-16 1 male 45 and up 1 female 0-10 1 female 26-45 James Cheshire 1 male 0-10 1 male 26-45 2 females 0-10 1 female 26-45 P. Cheshire 1 male 18-26 2 females 0-10 2 females 18-26 Bladen Co., N.C.

1822- Nov. 10- Philip Cheshire was given Power of Attorney for Mary Cheshire. It was recorded in Deed Book 11,
p. 73 of Bladen County, North Carolina. Randolph was living with Prudence Cheshire Singletary in 1830. He and
Mary deeded Felix and Prudence their land in 1833.
1826- a Francis Cheshire born Ga-belongs to? 1860 w/James Coleman 30 dtr Eliz.23 and family Randolph 1830 Crawford Co. Ga.
Philip Cheshire
1 male 0-5
2 males 5-10
2 males 10-15
1 male 30-40
1 female 0-5
1 female 20-30
1832 Land Lottery Richard J. Cheshire, Bibb County, Allens Militia District, Lot 940, District 3, Section 3. Sarah Cheshire, Widow, R.S., Monroe County, Brewers Militia District, Lot 426, District 5, Section 1 Philip Cheshire, Talbot County, Holts Militia District, Lot 170, District 11, Section 1
Stewart County Sheriff Sales Lot 79, 32nd District - Philip Cheshire

1834-Philip & Turpin in Monroe Co.
1836-7 Turpin served during the Creek Indian Wars of 1836 and 1837 in Georgia. He was a private in Brown's Company of Wood's Battalion in the 89th Georgia Mounted Militia. His Battalion fought in the Battle of Echowanotchaway Swamp on 25 July 1836 in Randolph County, Georgia (present day Terrell County). The Militia carried the day in a hotly contested battle with killed and wounded on both sides with about sixty Creeks killed and less than twenty militia. Colonel Wood was slightly wounded. Historical marker number GHM 135-4 for the battle is located west of Shiloh Church and north of Ga. Rd. 32 in western Terrell County.

1840 Stewart Co.Ga. (Need to get- looks like there were 9 children)
In Randolph Co.-238 10 CHESHIRE William J. 718 248 19 CHESHIRE Joseph T 777
1844-From Deeds of Bladen Co NC...249 5 Jan 1844 Joseph Lyon, agt and atty for Ithamar and Liddia Singletary
(his wife) to Nathan Bryan $450 5 tracts of land on S side of Black Swamp 100 acres on SS of John
granted to John Hillyard on 10 Oct 1787 100 acres
also granted to John Hillyard on 25 Feb 1800 200 acres on side of Fish Pond.
Granted to John Hillyard on Oct 3 1801 75 acres adj lands of John Owen,James Bryan.James Faison
granted to John Hillyard 6 Jul 1812 150 acres on SS of Black Swamp adj lands of James Cain...
granted to Benj. Singletary on 13 Nov 1807 and
conveyed by Benj Singletary on 4 Nov 1788
and then was allotted to Sarah Faison dtr of the said James Faison and then conveyed on 14 Jun 1823 from
Phillip Cheshire and wife Sarah and Mary Faison to the said Ithamar Singletary,
the other tracts which were patented by John Hillyard and by his last will and testament the lands were left to
his dtr Leddie Hillyard now the wife of said Ithamar Singletary and the said Ithamar Singletary and his wife
Liddia Singletary fully empowered and authorized the said Joseph Lyon as their agent and atty as will appear
by reference to the Power of Atty made on 2 Nov 1841..cont. in all 625 acres
Wit Joshua L Nancy, C Monroe, Feb Term 1844. David Lewis Clk.
1849 #268 Phillip Cheshire-Randolph Tues. Feb. 6 Lot #2/3 Dist levied
upon his property in fi fas in favor of Thomas Covington. Columbus
Ga. Newspaper Clippings (Columbus Enq.) Vol VI 1847-1849 Eliz.Evans
1850 Census Randolph Co. Ga.
Philip 60 born NC Farmer $450
Sarah 46 born NC
James 23 Born Ga Farmer
Samuel 21 born Ga
Elizabeth 19 Born Ga
Martha 16 Born Ga
Jno (John) 14 Born Ga
1850- State of Georgia-County of Randolph on the Third day of December Eighteen hundred and fifty, personally
appeared before me Thomas Coleman Justice of the peace written and for the County and State aforesaid
Philip Chesher aged Sixty five years a resident of the county and state foresaid who being duly sworn declare
that he is the identical Philip Cheshire who was a private in the company commanded by Captain John Sellers
in the third regiment of North Caroling Infantry Commanded by Colonel Maurice Moore in the war with great
Britain dedared ? by the United States on the 18th day of June 1812 that he Volunteered at Elizabeth Town in
the State of North Caroline on or about the Seventeenth day of September AD 1814 for the term of six months
and continued in actual service in said war for ther term of six months and was honorably discharged at
Wilmington North Carolina on the 17th day of March AD 1815- as will appian by his original certificate of
discharge herewith presented-
We make this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the county land to which he may be entitled under the
act. Wantin
1860 Randolph Co. Ga. 467-467
Elias Aycock 36 Blacksmith N.C.
Elizabeth 25
Ellen 9
Boy not named 4
Doctor 3 m
Infant not named 5/12 m
Philllip Cheshire 70 M
self agt HENRY MOODY & WIFE & CHILDREN, self agt S KNIGHT, self agt MRS O H PERRY & CHILDREN, self agt
1879-about Pension Application U.S. Post Office Cuthbert, Randoph, Ga. State Of Georgia
On this day of July AD ___and Eighteen hundred and Seventy Three, personally appeared before me. Mr. Chad
Germany? ordinary of the Court of Ordinary of the county of Randolph and State aforesaid a court of Record
__and for said state and county- Philip Cheshire aged seventy-two or seventy three years a resident of said
county of Randolph, who being duly sworn, according to law declares that he is a married man, that he was
married to Sarah Fason in Bladen County- North Carolina in the year Eighteen hundred and sixteen on Eighteen
Hundred and Seventeen and that his said wife departed this life in the year Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Two
That he served the full period of sixty-days in the military service of the United States in the war of Eighteen
Hundred and Twelve. That he is the identical Philip Cheshire, who was a volunteer in said war of 1812- and did
volunteer, in Bladen County, North Carolina about ten miles from Elizabeth City, in the year 1814, and was
stationed about two miles,below Wilmington, that he belonged to Captain John Sellers Company and to Colonel
Maurice Moore's Regiment, infantry service, but forgot the name of his Brigadeer General and was honorably
discharged from said Infantry Service at or near Wilmington, North Carolina in the year 1815. That at no time
during __rebellion against the ancha--of the United States did he adhere to the cause of the enemies of its
Government giving them aid or confort, or exorcised in F__ch__of any officer whatever, under any authority or
pretended authority in Hastity to the United States and that he will support the constitution of the United States
. That he is not in receipt of a--persuaon, under any fuevians? act, that he makes this declaration for the
purpose of being placed on th epension roll of the United States under the provisions of the acts afforsaid
February 14th, 1871. and he hereby with full ___ of su___ and R___, constitutes and appoints B S Worrill, his
__and lawful attorney to ___his claim, and obtain its Pension Certificate ___be resolved, That his past office, is
at the city of Cuthbert county of Randolph and State of Georgia and that his Domicil or place of abode is in the
said county of Randolph.
Philip Cheshire- his mark B Stavens A Sharrs?
Sept. 22nd 1879 Sir- I deem it but an act of justice to Mr. T.J. Cheshire, Claimant for services rendered Philip
Cheshire, a deceased U.S. pensioner, to give you a brief, and correct history of the long and painful illness of
the deceased. He was confined to his bed with rhumetism and a cancer between his shoulders from the 28th
day of Oct. 1874 until the 16th day of April 1879 when he was relieved by death. From the time he was taken
down, till the day of his death, he never walked a step. During the long period of his confinement, he was
unable to sit up, without being helped up, and then could sit but a few minutes at a time when he required help
to be laid down again. His limbs were distorted by rheumatism, and the canser did its work slowly, but surly.
His death was an event looked for by the whole community, any day, from the time he was taken down, till it
finally came. The pensioner was unable, even to answer the calls of nature. He was as helpless as infancy
itself. He had to make his urisal? in a horn, so that it oculd be taken from him and emptied. His feces were
discharged in a chamber that was placed under him by the claimant, and some member of his family. His
canser required daily dressing, and his clothing and bedding constant changing. He had to be watched carefully
during the night- as well as day. And these careful and particular attentions were required, and bestowed for a
perior of about 53 1/2 months. Now sir, you have a very short, and fair statement of his case. If you think the
constant care and dilligent attentions to the wants and necessities of the pensioner, both night & day, by the
claimant and his family, are worth $10 per month, please fill the blank in his claim for the amount. If not so
much fill out for the amount you think due him. He leaves the matter to your candid consideration as the agent
as a just and liberal government. Respectfully W J Hicks
Hon J A Bently Com. GC
Dated Sep. 20 1879
Elizabeth Hicks near Buford, Ga. did receive from T,J. Cheshire a resident of Buford Ga the sum of ___dollars in
paymentof the following account, which is in every particular just and true, and whick I varily believe embraces
only such items of service and expenditure as were made necessary by the last sickness and the death of Philip
Cheshire late United States pensioner residing near Buford Ga.
1878 Aug 10 To nursing and attention to Phillip
1879 2 days 75 $1.50
Mar. 31 To nursing as above 2 days 75 $150
Apr. 10 " 6 days 75 $4.50
Total $7.50
The pensioners sickness consisted of rehmatism and a canser between thes houlders. He took his bed about
the 28th of Oct. 1874, and died the 16 Apr. 1879. He was unable to walk at all. Was perfectly helpless, and
required constant attention day & night. Good nursing and constant and careful attention no doubt- kept him
alive for a long time. He was so drawn by rhematism that he was perfectly helpless and who did the nursing
___Elizabeth Hicks___
Subscribed and sworn before me this 20th day of September 1879 near Buford Ga., and I hereby certify that I
have no interest in the matter of this affidavit
T S Daniel JP
State of Ga. County of Randolph
I H O Beall clerk of the Superior COurt of the County and State aforesaid do herby certify that __T S Daniel
was, on the date of the above jurat, a duly authorized Justice of Peace, and that his signature thereto is
Given under my seal this 23 day os Sep. 1874 H O Beal Clerk
Bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States
passed September 28 1850
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year above written and I do duly certify that I believe the said
Philip Cheshire to be the identified man who served as aford said and that he of the age above stated as
appears by his affedavit. Philip Cheshire (his mark)
Form of a Declaration
to be made where the part has had a land warrant, and desides another.
State of Georgia County of Randolph
On the tenth day of April AD one thousand eigh hundred and fifth-five personally appeared before me, a justice
of the peace within and for the County and State aforesaid, Philip Cheshire ages seventy years, a resident of
Randolph County in the state of Georgia who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the
identical Philip Cheshire who was a private soldier in the company commanded by Captain John Sellers of
Bladen County N.C. in the regiment of Volunteers commanded by Col. M Moore in the war with Great Britain in
the year 1812 for the term of six months and continued in actual service in said war for the term of fourteen
days; that he was heretofore made application for bounty land under the act of 28th September 1850 and
received a land warren, No. (#) _______not recollected__ for Eighty acres which he has since legally disposed
of, and cannot now return.
He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the additional bounty land to which he may be entitled
under the act approved March 3, 1855. He also declares that he has never applied for nor received under this
or any other act of Congress, any bounty-land warrent, except the one mentioned.
Philip Cheshire- his mark
Sworn to and subscribed before me the 10th Apr. 1855 Thomas Coleman Justice of the Peace
We Jacob N.n Jefferies and Isaac B Brown residents of Randolph County in the state of Georgia upon our oaths,
declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by __Philip Cheshire__
in our presence, and that we believe, fro, the appearance and state,emts of the applicantm that he is the
identical person he represents himself to be. J H Jeffries J B Brown
sworn and subscribed Before me April 10 1855 Thomas Colemab Justice of the Peace
The foregoing declaration and affidavit were sworn and subscribed before me, on the day and year above
written; and I certify that I know the affiants to be credible persons; that the claimant is the person he
represents himself to be, and that I have no interest in this claim. April 10th 1855
Thomas Coleman Justice of the Peace
Act of February 14, 1871
War of 1812
Philip Cheshire
Capt. John Sellers Co.
NC Vol.
Discharged_____, 1815
Received Aug, 29, 1873
B.S. Warrill
Addrip claimant Attorney
1873 August 30 Third and Ser.
1873 Sept. 6 Admitted S A S


Buried in Beulah Methodist Church Cemetery in Randolph Co Ga.,Church now owned by blacks and grave yard is across the road. Written up in Randolph Co History.
There is a marker for Philip Wood, done by his son and Sara is beside him in an unmarked grave, no headstone...The graveyard is very grown up and unkept. I hacked at the weeds around their grave.
One record shows he died 1879. Possibly I could not read the marker right, but I also had the record of the Randolph Co History...Anyhow, I will show it for contrast.
1820- Bladen Co NC Census..

Bladen Co. Founded in 1734 has roots in New Hanover. Located in SE area of NC the county honors Martin Bladen as its namesake. He was an English soldier, politician and commiss

Location of Graveyard- about 6 miles south of Shellman.

1900 Census Randolph 16-16 Mrs. Lenora Hooks W F 5 1849 51 W D Ga Ga Ga Day Laborer
James Cheshire Head W M Jun 1876 23 m 5 Ga Ga Ga Farmer 1 yyy
Minnir (?) wife w f May 1877 23 m 533 Ga Ga Ga No No yes

1910 Georgia Soundex Clyde Cheshire 14 Randolph Co. enumerated with Jefferson D. Cheshire Jefferson D. Cheshire 48 Randolph Co. Sarah wife 54 Fannie L. dau 14 Clyde nephew 14-not identified Viney Cherry niece 14 not identified Jimmie Cheshire 29 Randolph Co. (Not identified-see above. Nannie dau 13 Tom R. son 12 Perlie M. dau 10 Columbus son 8 Benjamin son 9 Tensi dau 4 Claud son 3 Joseph son 2
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