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Jeremiah Browne Brown

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Birth  Abt 1690  , Isle of Wight, Va 
Sex  Male 
Died  3 Sep 1782  Darlington Dist or Sumter, SC 
Person ID  I42775  Default Tree 
Last Modified  25 Aug 2003 
Father  Henry Browne Brown 
Mother  Mary Batte (of Pr.George Va) Batt, b. Abt 1669 
Group Sheet  F14091  Default Tree 
Family 1  Elizabeth 
Group Sheet  F18976  Default Tree 
Notes  He made Salt Petre...from Virginia Gazette P4 Aug 75 :ll
The committee of Dinwiddie, being convinced that large quantities of salt peter may be made at
Petersburg warehouses, hath come to a resolution to attempt it, and will give all proper
encouragement to a person well skilled in the process. They would give the preference to a
certain Jeremiah Brown who has had success in making this valuable article. D23D75:32

1733 Oct. Court Records Brunswick Co. Va.
mentions Jeremiah Brown naming him on a committee to clear roads.
1735 (Brunswick Court Orders 1732-37) Jeremiah appointed Constable in
Lower prt. of SS of Meherrin River.
Deed Book refers to Jeremiah, his brother Burrell Brown and their 1/2
brothers Batt and Josn Peterson. (They often witnessed each other)
1736 May 1-2 Pages 271-73 The Virginia Genealogist
James Parham of NC to Francis Exum of Isle of Wight Co. Lease and release 30 lbs. 250 acres
on SS of Maherin River WS of Deep Gut John Wall's land James Parham
witt: Batt Peterson, Burll Brown, Jeremiah Brown
1736 Jun 3 Proved by Batt Peterson and Jeremiah Browne
Francis Exum presented the deed from John Parham, and the oaths of Batt Peterson and Jeremiah
Brown, two of the witnesses thereto.
1736 Sep. 1-2 James Parham of Berte Presink, NC to Jeremiah Brown of Brunswick Co. 100 acres
on NS of Fountain's Creek=elboe tree of said James Parham Line James Parham
Wit. Batt Peterson, Charles Ross, Matthew Floo, Burrell Brown proved by Batt,Charles,Burrell
3 Feb 1737.
1749/50 Will of his brother Burrell.
1762-last mention found of Jeremiah Brown in deads.
His dtr. Mary and her husband James Clark moved to Northampton Co NC
Deed Bk. 7 pg 49.
1767-Susannah Wallace-relationship 1767 died testate in Brusn Co mentions Jeremiah Brown,John
Peterson and Martha wife of Timothy that order. Martha and John children of Batte
Peterson..remaining sibling already dead.

1772-by Jeremiah was in St. Mark's Parish (Sumter area). He gave a slave
to his grandson, Isham Clark (Deed 308)
County History... St. Mark's Parish, Craven county, Camden Dist., Claremont County, Salem
County, then Sumter Co. all in Sumber records 1750's on. Later Lee County and Clarendon Co
were taken off. All from Camden Dist. 1782.
1773-Jun 4-A plat was ordered for Jeremiah Brown on Jun.4, 1773 for 150 acres in Craven Co. This
property was described as on Black River in a Memorial. Henry Brown was put in possession of the
150 acres on branch of Black River (Sumter E-537). By Nov.26, 1776, Jeremiah was living elsewhere,
but as a planter of St.Mark's, he gives to his sons, Burrell Brown and Robert Brown (of the same place)
negroes, 40 hogs a piece and 8 black cattle a piece, plus the 300 acres whereon I live to be divided.
Archives Misc.Records SS 140.

(26 miles away in Camden James Brown wife Mary, James Smith Admin d 1782 left minors.)
See Indenture under His Father's notes.
1777- P19S77:31 Fairfax Co Va 27 Aug 1777..Deserted from Capt. Thomas West's company of the
10th Virginia regiment , commanded by Col. Edward Stevens, the following deserters. Viz.
Jeremiah Brown of Fairfax Co age 28 years 5 ft 11 inches high slender made, dark complexion and
eyes, by trade a carpenter.
Va Gaz..The first letter has to do with the publisher, then the date and the first number
after the : is the page of the particular issue and the next number is the column in which it
is located. The small s refers to a supplement.

From Nash Co. NC Deeds Deed Book III page 105...DB3-203 State of N.C. grant to Jeremiah Brown by Gov. Rd. Caswell Nov 10, 1779, a tract of 640 acres on the north side of Turkey Creek including his own improyement and adjoining Henry Wyatt's improvements.
1782 Jan. 22 He was doing Inventory for dtr. Mary Clark's husband James. Also Thomas Houze, William Brown.
1782 Jan. 22 Jeremiah was appraisement for Ann Brunson...on death of her
husband Matthew. Burril was bond..and appraisement.
Susie Lee had a note on GenForum. I wrote her, no answer.
Several men including Jeremiah Brown "Late belonging to the private
gringantine of war, Prince of Orange, commanded by James Canton", appointed
three Charleston men as agents to secure their "Prizes of war" captured by the ship. Signed by Jeremeiah Brown

Brown Kershaw Co Probate Judge Office Camden SC...Apt 16 pkg 507 22 Jan 1782 Estate papers
of James Clarke Camden Admin all in Apt 11 Misc Rec of SC book LL p 9 ff SC Archive
He died intestate in Sep 1782 in Sumter Dist SC. A Citation was publicly read
at the Meeting at High Hill Meeting House 5th Oct 1782 by Jas MCormick
Clerk...Elizabeth and William Brown his eldest son named admin and sold
heirs... High Hills Meeting house still stands on highest of hills in High
Hills Santee near Stateburg SC. During the Rev War it was a hotbed of Patriot fervor under the
Reverand Richard Furman...Baptist.
James Clarke d Jan wife Mary appraisers Jeremiah Brown, Thomas Howze, Wm
Brown,George Yates, Burrel Brown.
John Brown d by 30 Mar..Samuel Boyking admin, High Hills Ch.
Mark Brown, Sarah Brown Admin d 30 Aug Appraisers Thomas Howze, Burrel Brown, James Clark, Wm Brown Jr and John McCoy.
William Brown next of Kin Thomas Brown admin died by 7 Oct High Hills
Appraisers Peter Smith, WIlliam Howell, John Boyd, Robert Lyell, James
Campbell, Frances McPhers

Camden Dist Wills and Admin. Apt 11 341 12 Oct 1782 Estate papers of Jeremiah
Brown Kershaw Co Probate Judge Office Camden SC...
Apt 16 pkg 507 22 Jan 1782 Estate papers of James Clarke
Camden Admin all in Apt 11
Misc Rec of SC book LL p 9 ff SC Archives.

Wrote Susan at Mar. 2001... had another Jeremiah?

Richard Blackmon on Prodigy BPTF72A has this connection Dec 13, 93.

Probably born Isle of Wight Co Va. Also shown born a 1712--d 1782 Camden Dist. SC. by Susie Lee on Genforum Oct. 1999
Might have been born in Bristol Parish 1719.
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