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Reuben Cobb

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Birth  1771 
Sex  Male 
Died  1820  ,,NC 
Person ID  I61834  Default Tree 
Last Modified  23 Sep 2005 
Father  James Jr Cobb, b. 1745, Beaufort, ,SC 
Group Sheet  F35359  Default Tree 
Family 1  Keziah 
Group Sheet  F8855  Default Tree 
Notes  Deed Book CC (1822-1830) lists Keziah Cobb as widow of Reubin Cobb. Keziah to rec1/3 of 135 ac (35ac) as Dower. the remaining 90ac to be divided between his brothers: James,& Reading Cobb, sisters: Mary, Charity(Wife of Wm. Thomas), Martha, Elizabeth (wife of Partrick Peeden), Silvia (wife of Samuel Truss) & children of his deceiced brother (David Cobb) Mary McIIwain, Rusha, Obediah. Deed Book S (1810-1813) David Cobb, Jr PG 394 Dated 1-13-1813. David, Jr's Children: Mary (wife 0f Benjamine Spa____), David, Joseph, Obed. & Reubin Cobb. David Jr left 18 1/2ac Adj. James Odom, Moses Robson & Howell Cobb. Deed Book O (1797-1801) Pg 77 9-5-1797 James Cobb,Sr to Reubin Cobb 500 ac f200 Wit; Redreck White, James Cobb Jr, & Reading Cobb. Silvia (Cobb) & Samuel Truss came to AL in the early 1800's before 1818, they settled in St. Clair Co.near Ashville. They had 8 children: Louisa, Patsy, Pricella, Silvira, Elizabeth, Alsey (Aby), Frances, & Thomas Truss. You can find Elizabeth Truss's information on under Jesse Newton Garrett. My line is Louisa Truss who married William Hodges to much for the email. I live in Trussville, AL about 25miles from Ashville. Trussville was settled by Warren Truss, Samuels brother. Sue

Do you know who your Reading Cobb's parents were? I have a Reading in my family. My gggggreat grand mother was Sylvia Cobb who md Samuel Truss jr. When Reubin Cobb died he left his est. to his brothers and sisters namely:James, Reading, Mary, Charity, Martha, Elizabeth, Sylvia,and David. The name Reading was pasted down to the grand children of Sylvia. But I have not been able to find the parents. Any help will be welcome. Sue
Perhaps this is a straw in the wind, but some of you may see real connections here that can help those of us trying to get beyond the 1780's/90's in GA..
From "Pitt Co. , NC, Compendium, V 1: Marriages" compiled by E. Ross and R. Kammerer First--these are the given names of COBBs in the index C.C. Carrie Charity David David Jr. Drusilla Elizabeth Fanny Hardee Hartwell Howell, Co. Irma James Kinchen Lucy Mary Nancy Norman Polly Priscilla R.J. Rebecah Reubin Seley Silvia William
There is also a STANCELL/STANCIL family who is connected with the COBB families Marriages from Old Newspapers, p. 8 #11 BROWN, Edwin m. STANSELL, Louisa, miss, dau of Godfrey STANSELL, on 25th Ult. in Pitt Co. Mar 12, 1829; TFP p 12 #57 HOPKINS, Jarrett, merchant of Tarboro, m STANSELL, Mary, miss, dau of Godfrey STANSELL; md. in Pitt Co. on Feb 3.: Feb 7, 1832; NCFP p 12 #64 JENKINS, Charles H[enry] of halifax Co. m. STANCILL, Almira, Miss, dau of Jesse STANCILL; md. in Pitt Co. on Jan 16 by Wm. COBB.: Jan 20, 1855; TS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`````~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marriages in Pitt County Deeds (Note that these are alliances abstracted from various court records, so the marriage in question is probably considerably older than the date of the deed!)
p. 52 # 661 ADAMS, Summer m. Elizabeth COBB, dau of David COBB, decd, & sis of Kinchen & Col. Howell COBB, decd: T-146, 4 Nov 1815 And considering that connection, look at this entry: p. 52 # 659 ADAMS, John m. Sid___ BROOKS, dau of James, Sr. & Ruth BROOKS, & sis of Nancy BROOKS; parents of James & Samuel ADAMS: O-448, Oct 1800 p. 57 # 754 BROOKS James Sr. M Ruth ______; parents of Ann & probably james BROOKS Jr. & of Sid BROOKS ADAMS: O-255, 13 Jan 1798 There are several other BROOKS entries. p. 62 # 842 COBB, ____ m. Nancy TRUSS, dau of Samuel TRUSS Sr: R-201, 17 Dec 1806; S-81, 25 Jun 1810 p. 62 # 842 COBB, Amos m Sarah ______: T-250, 7 Feb 1815 p. 62 # 843 COBB, Heartwell, son of James COBB, decd, m. Priscilla _______: O-409, 18 Jan 1800 p 78 # 1165 McILWAIN, Benj. m Mary COBB & lived in GA; dau of David COBB, decd who was bro & heir of Reubin COBB, decd: CC-37, ca 1820 (no date) p 83 # 1274 NORVILL/NORVELL, Theophilus m. Drusilla (possibly COBB?), heiress of Agnes BULLOCK: Q-116, ca 1805 p 83 # 1275 NORVILL, Theophilus of Edgecombe Co, m priscilla (same as Drusilla?) COBB, dau of james COBB decd, & sis of Nancy , Seley, Polly & Hardee & minor bros. Hartwell & Norman COBB: V-79, 22 Jan 1813 p 83 # 1276 NORVILL, Ja,es of Edgecombe Co, [NC] m Nancy COBB, dau of James COBB, decd, & sis of Priscilla, Seley, Polly & Hardee COBB & minor bros. Hartwell & Norman COBB: V-79, 22 Jan 1813 Another NORVILL entry may be pertinent: p 83 # 1273 NORVILL, Enos m. Elizabeth ____ (gift to Kinchen DAVIS): BB-283, 1 Nov 1817 p 84 # 1293 PEEDEN, Patrick m Elizabeth COBB, sis of Reubin COBB, decd: CC-37, ca. 1820 (no date) p 85 # 1301 PHELPS, Jordan m Rebecah COBB, Heiress of Fred'd. WHITE: DD-94, 21 Apr 1825; EE-144, 10 Oct 1827 p 86 # 1332 RIVES [is this somehow connected to REAVES or REEVES??], Peter m Lucy COBB, dau of David COBB, decd & sis of Kinchen COBB & Col. Howell COBB, decd; parents of Peter, Jr: T-128, 4 Nov 1815; EE-79, 22 Feb 1827 p 90 # 1397 SPA____ (prob'ly SPAIN), Benjamin m Mary ____(prob'ly COBB) heiress of David COBB, Jr.: S-394, 13 Jan 1813 p 90 SPAIN, Benjamin m. Mary ____: T-263, 26 Jan 1815 p 90 # 1405 STANCELL/STANCILL, Godfrey m Dorcas JONES, dau of Henry JONES, decd: T-156, Oct 1815; DD-71, 4 Mar 1824 p 90 # 1406 STANCELL/STANCILL, john, widow Sarah ____; parents of John & Godfrey STANCELL: F-267, 16 Feb 1776 p 90 # 1407 STANCIL/STANCILL, Nobles m nancy ___: DD-55, 29 Oct 1823 p 92 # 1440 THOMAS, William m Charity COBB & lived in Sampson Co., [NC], sis of Reubin COBB, decd: CC-37, ca 1820 (no date) p 93 # 1460 TRUSS, Samuel m Silvia COBB & lived in Alabama; sis of Reubin COBB, decd: CC-37, ca 1820 (no date) And one more, if the last entry interests you: p 93 # 1459 TRUSS, Samuel m Mary FORBES, dau of John FORBES: D-16, 5 Apr 1768 (probably parents of Warren & Samuel Jr. TRUSS): P-358, 19 Feb 1803
See the follow-up posting for more on these connections.

From "Pitt Co. , NC, Compendium, V 1: Marriages" compiled by E. Ross and R. Kammerer
Does anyone have any information on Reuben Cobb .He was living in Pitt Co. the 1700's . he married Keziah ? I know of one child Silvira Cobb . She was living in St Claire Co. AL when she died.. Silbira married Sameul Truss Jr. any help would be appreciated.. Joy Bailey

Joy, I am beginning to work on the Cobbs of Pitt Co. NC and wanted to reply to your old message re Reuben Cobb. I don't know all the details of the family yet but can share a little with you. My information comes from the deed books of Pitt Co. Silvia Cobb who married Samuel Truss was not the daughter of Reuben Cobb. She was his sister. Deed book CC p 37-undated but prior to 1820 census. Grantor Reuben Cobb dec. Grantee: Keziah,widow James Cobb, brother(Sampson Co. NC) Reading Cobb, brother (Sampson Co) Mary Cobb, sister (Sampson Co) Charity Thomas, sister, and her husband Wm of Sampson Co. Martha Cobb, sister Elizabeth Peeden, sister and her husband Patrick Silvia Truss(Alabama), sister, and her husband Samuel Obediah Cobb, nephew(Sampson Co.) Mary McIlwain(Georgia), neice and her husband Benjamin McIlwain Rusha Cobb, neice. Note: Mary McIlwain,Rusha, and Obediah Cobb are children of Reuben's brother David who was dec'd by this time. Reuben apparently had no issue. Hope this helps. Tracy Foll
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