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Annie Louise Holder

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Birth  17 Sep 1907 
Sex  Female 
Died  23 Nov 1986  Magnolia Manor, Americus, Sumter, Ga 
Buried  New Bethel Cemetery, Terrell, Ga 
Person ID  I71910  Default Tree 
Last Modified  28 Dec 1999 
Family 1  Milton Nathaniel Brown, b. 21 Oct 1906, Dawson, Terrell, Ga 
Married  18 Apr 1927 
Group Sheet  F34868  Default Tree 

Notes  Marriages in Terrell--- The Holder Female's in Terrell were.. Emma m George Julett 8 Feb 1882 Mary L married C W SMith 31 Jul 1886 Mrs. Mattie A. married C G Norman 11 Sep 1810 and the Men were Byron married Mamie Watson 9 Dec 1906 Byron married Mamie Hannah 23 Nov 1891 Isaac J married Mittie McCrea 23 Nov 1881 J W married Mattie A Thompson 25 Jan 1903 James married Rowena Hasty 13 Dec 1877 John married Mrs. Jane Dale 9 Sep 1873 John married Rowena Hasty 13 Dec 1877
Did this John have a son named Isaac and a daughter named Mary Emma Holder (est. b. 1863)? Emma married my g-grandfather George Washington Gullett/e (9 Feb 1881/2) and they had my grandfather Lawson E. Gullette late 1882. They soon divorced (maybe c. 1886?) and she remarried a Kennedy (pronounced Cannaday) and not too long after that, she died (maybe c. 1890?). My grandfather Lawson was born in Terrell Co. GA and my g-grandfather George was also from Terrell Co., so I assume this marriage took place in the vicinity. We may have spoken before by e-mail, but if we did or did not, I am hoping someone may have information on these Holders - I cannot find Emma's family. All I know for sure is that she had a brother or an uncle named "Ike" (Isaac).
Top of Form 1 Re: Holder Family Information Needed
Posted by: Linda Gullette Hudson (ID *****4178) Date: October 19, 2002 at 14:37:11
In Reply to: Holder Family Information Needed by Daniel J. Carter of 1646
Bottom of Form 1
I am also interested in that particular Holder family in Wilkinson Co. GA. Mine is likely a wild goose chase, but I'll share a bit and ask a bit anyway. I find your list of children for William Holder and Martha Sanders interesting - the name Vashti, specifically. William's brother Burrell Holder as head of household age 21 in 1860 Wilkinson GA census had listed with him Mary E.Holder age 16. I believe this is the daughter of Littleton Branan. In 1850 Wilkinston GA census, Marianne Branan was age 6, daughter of Littleton Branan. In 1880 Mary E. Holder is back in the household of Littleton Branan, named as his daughter. Littleton Branan had a sibling named Vashti. You might want to look closely at the Lord-Branan-Holder connections in Wilkinson Co. GA. Go to the GAGenWeb site for Wilkinson County. While you are researching this line, may I ask that you keep an eye open for my brick wall? I have a John A. Holder b.1832 married to a Corrintha __?__ They had 6 children, one being my great-grandmother, Emma Holder b. 1863 Terrell Co. GA. Both John and "Corrinthy" had died by 1876. In looking for where the youngest orphans may have gone to live, I found an Emma Holder of the right age in that same Littleton Branan household in 1880, listed under Mary E. Holder, and named as a granddaughter to Littleton Branan. If this is my Emma Holder, then the obvious first guess would be that her father John Holder might have been related to Burrell Holder, husband of Mary E. Branan Holder - yet the Thomas Holder 1850 census names James Holder as a son in the age spot my John Holder should fit. "granddaughter" in this case would be based on guardianship rather than natural relationship. The other possibility is that Corrintha was a Branan daughter who married into one of the other Holder lines in Wilkinson Co GA. Mary E. Branan then would be her sister, having taken in orphan Emma, and "granddaughter" would be a natural relationship. And of course, the most likely event is simply that Burrell and Mary E. Branan Holder had a daughter named Emma who happened to be the same age as my greatgrandmother, but is a different person. So, for the moment I am dealing in much speculation in that line and would be interested in anything you come up with to show my John Holder 1832-1876 having ever been connected to your Wilkinson Co. GA Holders. Thanks and good luck.

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 07:48:50 -0500 "Linda Gullette Hudson" writes:
> Hi Gerry, good to meet you. Glad I got the right person and also,
> I'm glad (a little) that I couldn't post when I tried as in writing
> this email and verifying a thing or two, I stumbled across a bit
> more about your aunt - scroll down to the EUREKA section and then go
> back and read all of the rest of this for background...
> From reading your information, I'd say there is a good chance you
> are connected through your aunt to the same line as I, that being
> that your aunt would be descended from my ancestors John A.
> Holder/Holden and Corrinthy __?__ Holder/Holden. Looks as though
> your Aunt Annie Louise Holder may well have been a first cousin to
> my grandfather Lawson Eddie Gullette. Here is what I know (or more
> importantly, what I BELIEVE) about the marriages you have listed for
> Terrell County GA Holders.
> ========================================
> First, let me list the known children of John A. Holder (1 Apr 1832
> - Jul 1876) and Corrintha A. Holder nee ?? (1832/1835/1839 - 1873)
> (based on 1860 and 1870 census info):
> John E. Holder b. c. 1857
> Isaac J. "Ike" Holder b. c. 1859
> Edna B. Holder b. 17 Jan 1862
> Emma C? Holder b. c. 1863 (my great-grandmother) d. c. 1890
> Lisa (Susie ?) Holder b. c. 1866
> Molly (Mary L ?)Holder b. c. 1868
> There could have been one or two more born after the 1870 census was
> taken before Corrinthy died in 1873. There is an unmarked gap in
> the cemetery between where John and Corrinthy are buried (Methodist
> Church Cemetery, Chickasawhatchee, Terrell Co. GA). Since Corrinthy
> died so young, I suppose it is possible she died in childbirth in
> 1873 and that child may be buried next to her. If Lisa above is not
> Susie, then I suppose Susie may have been born c. 1871 after the
> census. Guesses and nothing more.
> ============================
> I'm addressing each of the marriages I have found for Holders in
> Terrell Co. GA in date order. Where your list and mine do not
> match, I have made notes:
> John Holder to Mrs. Jane Dale, 9 Sep 1873
> I believe this is a second marriage for the father John A. Holder
> (Corrinthy died in 1873). There is a land deed in Terrell Co. GA
> from John Holder to Jane Dale on the same day as their wedding.
> John A. Holder died a little less than 3 years later, July 1876.
> Important to note that of his 6 known children, only John E. was
> fully an adult at age 19, Isaac J. was 17, and the 4 girls were
> about 15, 13, 10, and 8, so if Mrs. Jane Dale Holder did not keep
> them all, other guardianship arrangements would have been made for
> the underaged children.
> John Holder to Rowena Hasty, 13 Dec 1877
> (you also had this marriage but an additional one naming James
> Holder to Rowena Hasty same date. His name is John)
> I believe this is the son, John E. Holder. There is a writeup in a
> Terrell County newspaper in 1886 (sorry, failed to get which paper,
> but is in book "Terrell County Georgia Newspapers Volume 5) where
> Mr. J. E. Holder talks about his mother-in-law Mrs. Roena Hasty
> having 17 children, 51 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren and
> that Mr. HOlder married her youngest child.
> Isaac J. Holder to Mittie McCrea, 23 Nov 1881
> I believe this is the son, Isaac J. Holder.
> Emma Holder to George Julett (Gullett), 9 Feb 1882
> These are my great-grandparents. Julett is a mistake as his name is
> George Washington Gullett/e (at this time, sometimes with and
> sometimes without the final "e" on our name). The actual marriage
> license in Terrell Co says "George Gullett". George W. Gullette was
> born in Terrell Co. GA and was the son of Benjamin F. Gullett and
> Mary Rives/Reeves of Chickasawhatchee. George and Emma had my
> grandfather, Lawson E. Gullette, in December of the same year, 1882.
> They had two daughters afterward (est. 1883, 1884) who died as
> infants. They divorced after that (est. 1885). Emma Holder
> Gullette remarried a Mr. Kennedy (pronounced Cannady) - in Dooly Co.
> GA, we believe around 1885 - I've only seen one reference to this
> marriage which was on the LDS site and it says 1895 which is very
> much NOT likely. My dad and I researched the Dooly Co. marriage
> records: part of the section for the 1895 time frame had been torn
> out of the book and this marriage did not appear in the section for
> 1895 marriages. Our family lore has it that sometime around 1887,
> Lawson went to live with his mother and Mr. Kennedy's family. There
> were some Kennedy children but we don't think they were Emma's,
> probably Mr. Kennedy's from a previous marriage. Emma died due to
> complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 27 (this would have
> her dying around 1890 - five years prior to the LDS marriage for
> her). Interesting that you also have the Rheumatoid Arthritis
> mention! Lawson was sent to live with a Mr. Charley Johnson of
> Crisp Co. GA when he was about 12 (around 1894) and the Johnson
> family raised him to adulthood and treated him as one of their own.
> Mary L. Holder to C. w. Smith, 31 Jul 1886
> I believe this is one of the two youngest daughters named in the
> 1870 census, either "Lisa" or "Molly". I'm leaning a bit toward
> "Molly" as that is a nickname for "Mary". Nevertheless, this
> marriage is also mentioned in the Terrell County Newspapers Volume
> 5. Important to note that the account of this marriage is that Miss
> Mary Holder of Terrell Co. and Mr. C. W. Smith of Berrien Co. ran
> off to be married because Miss Holder's relatives objected to the
> marriage - it did not say "parents", but "relatives". Remember that
> the children of John A. and Corrinthy Holder at this time were
> orphans.
> Susie Holder to W. F. Christian, 26 Feb 1888
> (you didn't have this one in your list)
> Well, we are left now only with Edna and Lisa. I find some
> indication that Edna may never have married - an Edna Holder of the
> right age was buried in Sardis Church Cemetery in Terrell Co.: Edna
> B. Holder Jan 17, 1862 - Dec. 6, 1906 - so evidently she was
> unmarried. Note that I will mention this burial later with Byron
> Holder's info. That leaves "Lisa Holder" as the best candidate to
> be Susie Holder. Lisa is not a name we normally see at this time -
> the list of children in the 1870 census came from someone else's
> transcription of that census - I cannot seem to get my hands on that
> actual census yet. I wonder if she was actually listed as "Liza" or
> something else misinterpreted by the transcriber. Nevertheless, I
> speculate that Susie Holder and Lisa Holder are probably the same
> person or sisters if Susie were born to John A. and Corrinthy Holder
> after the 1870 census was taken. If this is Lisa, she is abt. age
> 22 here. If this is a younger unknown sister b. 1871-1873, she is
> abt. age 17-19 here.
> ----
> We have a gap in the recorded Terrell marriages here which is
> logical as we are now waiting for the children of the above, the
> grandchildren of John and Corrinthy Holder, to be "marrying age".
> Of course, the male Holder descendants here are the prime candidates
> to be father of your Aunt Annie Louise Holder.
> James Holder to Ella Burke, 5 Oct 1895.
> (you didn't have this one in your list, though you had a James with
> the information that went with John E.)
> This is an African-American couple, so if your aunt is of
> African-American descent, this is the only such marriage listed that
> I have seen so far. The rest are listed as "white". I don't know
> any more about this family - as far as I can tell, John A. and
> Corrintha A. Holder did not have slaves, at least none were listed
> in the 1860 census for them, so it is unlikely they took on John A.
> Holder's name. If this couple were abt. age 20 at this time, James
> would have been born abt 1875 - if his parents married around that
> time in this county, I haven't seen that marriage recorded anywhere.
> J. W. Holder to Mattie A. Thompson, 25 Jan 1903
> This is likely the son of John E. and Rowena Hasty Holder. I have
> the following children listed in the household of John E. and Rowena
> Hasty Holder in 1880 Terrell GA: Julia age 1 and John W. age 1/12
> (1 month). There may be more children later and a look at the 1890
> census might help know this. I think the next entry, Byron Holder,
> is a brother to Julia and John W. Holder.
> Byron Holder to Mamie Hannah, 1 Feb 1903
> Byron Holder to Mamie Watson, 9 Dec 1906
> (you had for Byron Holder and Mamie Hannah 23 Nov 1891 - I don't
> believe this is correct as I feel reasonably sure this is the Byron
> Holder born in 1882 and I have found that same marriage with the
> 1903 date)
> I am lumping these two marriages together because it appears that
> Byron Holder married twice - the first Mamie died. This would have
> to have been a child of John E. and Rowena Hasty Holder as I have
> figured the age of Byron to be barely too early to be Isaac's child.
> The grave for 1st wife Mamie Lee Holder is in Sardis Church
> Cemetery in Terrell Co. GA. She is buried next to Byron Holder's
> maiden aunt Edna Holder - or to be more accurate, Edna is buried
> next to Mamie as Edna died almost 4 months after Mamie. "Mamie Lee,
> w. [wife of] B. H. Holder, 2 Feb 1882 - 18 Aug 1906". Byron married
> second wife, Mamie #2, less than 4 months later and a mere 3 days
> after his Aunt Edna died. I have Byron H. Holder in the 1920
> Terrell Census as age 38, so he was born abt early 1882 if he had
> already had his birthday at census time and late in 1881 if he was
> 38 going on 39 at census time. John E.'s brother Isaac J. Holder
> married 23 Nov 1881, so is not likely to have had an 1882 child
> until September at earliest, not quite early enough to have had
> Byron being counted as age 38 at census time in 1920. This means
> that Byron is most likely John E. Holder's son - though it is still
> possible Byron H. Holder is John E's son. Nevertheless, having his
> maiden aunt buried next to his first wife shows a connection to that
> family. Please note that I find Watsons buried next to John A. and
> Corrinthy Holder in Chickasawhatchee - if there is any connection or
> not, I don't know.
> Mrs. Mattie A. Holder to C. G. Norman, 11 Sep 1910
> (you had: Mrs. Mattie A. married C G Norman 11 Sep 1810, but I think
> the 1810 may be a typo?)
> This would be John W. Holder's widow - or ex wife if they divorced.
> She was Mattie A. Thompson when she married J. W. Holder in 1903. I
> have not found a grave for John W. Holder in Terrell Co. GA yet.
> ====EUREKA===========================================
> Byron H. Holder, presumed son of John E.Holder, son of John A.
> Holder, appears in 1920 Terrell Co GA census with daughter Annie
> aged 12!, and your Aunt was born Sep 1907, so Byron looks good to be
> your Aunt's father. John W. Holder, son of John E. Holder, son of
> John A. Holder, died or divorced Mattie A. Thompson Holder before
> Sep 1910 and since they married 1903, this couple looks good as
> another possibility to be your Aunt's parents in 1907 - but still
> need to find more info. This all based on the assumption that your
> Aunt was born in Terrell Co. GA.
> In case Byron H. Holder and Mamie Watson are your Annie's parents,
> here is the 1920 Terrell Co. GA census as best as I can make out the
> handwriting:
> Holder, Byron H. 38 Head, Farmer, b. GA, father b. GA, mother b. GA
> Mamie, Wife, 32 b. AL, father b. GA, mother b. GA
> Dearie (or Dessie), Daughter 13 b. GA, father b. GA, mother b.
> AL
> Annie, Daughter 12 b. GA, father b. GA, mother b. AL
> Ruby, Daughter 11 b. GA, father b. GA, mother b. AL
> Troy (? looks like Troy), Son 10 b. GA, father b. GA, mother b.
> AL
> The other entries of "yes" to some question, I cannot make out the
> headings. The parents were blank-yes-yes and all four children were
> yes-yes-yes to whatever the question was. Another column has the
> answer "yes" for every family member. The last column has 108 next
> to a column with "General Farming" on Byron's line and I can't read
> that heading either.
> Since your Aunt was b. September 1907, she had not yet had her
> birthday at census time, so she would appear 12 (going on 13) and
> this census has an Annie Holder age 12. How's that!?!
> I found the death record of Byron H. Holder:
> Death date: 1 Nov 1964
> County of Death: Colquitt
> County of Residence: Dougherty
> Age: 82 years
> Certificate: 029041
> This, in conjuction with the 1920 census, makes it look more that he
> was born in the first half of 1882 rather than the last half of
> 1881.
> -------------------------------
> Now Isaac J. Holder could have had sons born in the 1880s who also
> could have married around that 1907 date - since I am not finding
> anything IN Terrell Co. after Isaac's marriage, it may behoove you
> to look in surrounding counties for Isaac's family.
> Isaac went by "Ike". My grandfather, Lawson, spoke of his Uncle Ike
> and I know that he lived near to where Lawson's mother Emma lived,
> though I don't know how near. We believe it was when Emma Holder
> Kennedy lived in Raines and Lawson, who was very precise in his use
> of directions, said that they use to go "down" to Ike's farm - for
> Lawson, this would mean "south". Ike had a farm and he used to blow
> a bugle at the crack of dawn to wake everyone up. One morning, a
> neighbor yelled out "Ike, put up that damn bugle and go to bed!"
> This would have been probably around the 1887-1890 timeframe.
> There is also some connection to Berrien GA with the Holders as
> Lawson visited there as well. Note that the Mary L. Holder
> (presumed sister Molly) married Mr. Smith of Berrien - however, you
> will have to find your Aunt's lineage through one of the males
> rather than through the females.
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