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Ezekiel Brown, (MajorLarge Land Owner)

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Suffix  (MajorLarge Land Owner) 
Birth  1769  , Va 
Sex  Male 
Died  1863  Chipley(was Pine Mountain), Harris, Ga 
Buried  Bethlehem Baptist, Pine Mountain, Harris, Ga 
Person ID  I78  Default Tree 
Last Modified  02 Aug 2005 
Father  William Brown, b. 1740, Norfolk, Va? 
Mother  Sarah "Sally" Long, b. 1744, ,,Va 
Group Sheet  F19  Default Tree 
Family 1  Elizabeth Merritt, b. Abt 1783, , Nash, NC 
Married  15 Dec 1803  , Greene, Ga 
 1. William Merritt Brown, Creek Indian War-Marshall of Ga, b. 1805, , Greene, Ga
 2. Ezekiel Brown, Jr, b. 1806, , Greene, Ga
 3. Adeline Adaline Aduline Brown, b. 31 Dec 1813, , Greene, Ga
 4. Catherine Mary Emiline Brown, b. 1816, , Greene, Ga
 5. John Franklin Brown, (Gunsmith), b. 1818, , Greene, Ga
 6. James Monroe Brown, b. 24 Jan 1822, , Greene, Ga
 7. Bluford Brown
 8. Reuben A Brown, b. 1828, . Harris, Ga
Group Sheet  F34853  Default Tree 
Located on Bethlehem Road, Hamilton (actually Pine Mountain Valley), Harris County, GA.

Grave said 1769- Census would be about 1765. Rev. Sol. would probably have to be even earlier. (I can not believe that he deserves the Rev. Marker on his Grave-by the Habersham Chapter of DAR-and there is NOTHING in Washington DC-DAR headquarters.
1781- Feb-Apr- SC Royalists Muster Vacant Co. (Formerly Capt. Alexander Campbell's Troop) Camden SC 23 Feb 1781
60 days 24 Feb-24 Apr. 1781 Pvt. Ezekiel Brown pg. 42
pg. 30-31 Prv. Ezekiel Brown, on command and Pvt. Ezekiel Brown prisoner with rebels
Capt. Lewis Kenen's Co. SC Royalists, Camden SC 61 days 25 Apr-24 Jun. 1781
24 Oct 61 days 24 Dec 1781
pg. 392 Pvt. Ezekiel Brown Capt. John Leggett's CO NC Loyalists 61 days 25 Oct-24 Dec 1781
(Note: This detachment of SC Royalist was assigned for duty with DeLancy's Second Battaion; however, for
accounting purposes, they were still part of Capt. Alex. Campbell's Co. as the following musters indicate.)
(Sgt. William Browne was in the muster-24 Apr 1781 61 days)
1781 24 Oct. Wilmington, NC Muster Capt. John Leggett's Co. Royal NC Regiment 61-days pay also Dec. Pvt.
Ezekiel Brown NC LOYALISTS pg. 392;'
was that him?
1786-Greene County formed from Washington County
1793- Could he be local militia? Wm. Daniel who was in Greene also had this record:
Since he was commissioned major of the 1st battalion, Greene County, Georgia
Militia 9 May 1793 (Record from Department of Archives and History, Atlanta, Ga.)
1797-1817-"Tax Digest of Georgia", Vol. 1,2,3,4,5,, 1797-1817, Green County, Georgia
1800-1816 Book F. Pages 5, 174, 175 Ezekiel was Ex. of Father William Dec'd.
1804 Dec 1P 398 BB-97 deed David McMurray of Greene Co. to Ezekiel Brown of
same for $650 136 acres in Greene. Witnesses Wm. Brown, Alexander
(1806 No date given Greene Co. Ga. Estate Book F pg. 5
Ezeliel Brown adm of estate of Wm Brown Dec'd.
By receipt from Sally Brown, legatee $1240.50
" " B. Fitzpatrick in full 1794.75
" " R. Brown in full 1200.00
pg. 174
Inventory & appraisement of the estate of Wm Brown dec'd (Partial List)
6 horses
15 sheep
17 cattle
95 hogs
farming tools
Kitchen furniture
Shot gun
1 Still
16 negroes (not named)
230 acres land
(1806-Jun 24-Some Ezekiel given commission Mjor 25th Bttn of Militia F0158998-21562 Pt 3=no county given)
(1810- Jun 15 som Ezekiel Gent. given comm. F 0158999- 215652 PT)
1807 Jul. 29 Vol V No 21 Savannah Evening Ledger pg. 160 Greene Co.
History, Rice & Williams
Greensboro Citizens hdeaded by Jonas Fouche held a meeting at which
they demanded that the President of the US take action resenting the
action that the British Squadron had attacked a US Frigate. Wyley
Gresham, a student of the Univ. of Ga. made the principal speech. Others
took part in this meeting were Matthew Wells, Col. George Foster, Maj.
Joseph Houghton, Maj. Ezekiel Brown, Dr. Wm. Strain, Ezekiel Park and
Redmon Thornton.
"History of Greene County Georgia 1786-1886" by Dr. Thaddeus Brockett Price, edited by Caroline White Williams,
1979,page 160, early newspapers, Maj. Ezekiel Brown is among others who took part in a meeting about the British
Squadron that had attacked a US frigate
1809 26 Sep Ga. Baldwin Co. Whereas Blount Catoe has made known to me his wife to travel through the
Creek Nation of Indians to the Miss. Country... William Sanford to His Ex. the Gove. same sheet-
To His Ex. the Gov
Major Ezekial Brown & William Merritt of Greene having a wish to travel.
etc. ..I with pleasure recomment them to you as good and honest and
resp. citizens of this County Sterling Cato
Reverse side of same document
Recc. in favor of Blount Cato:
Ezekiel Brown and Wm. Merritt Greene Co. Passport Granted Sept 26
Ex. Dept Web. Sep 27, 1809 On the recc. of a number of resp. inhav. of Montgomery
ordered that passports through the Creek Nation be prepared for Major Ezekiel Brown,
William Merritt and Blount Cato which were presented and signed Butt L. Cato (Capt. Butt
L. Cato married Bethiah Brewer
"Passports Issued by Governors of Ga, 1785-1809", by Mary G. Bryan,reprinted from Nat. Gen. Soc.
Qrt., 1959, 1962, page 26,

1810 Nov. 2 William Fitzpatrick to Ezekiel Brown DD 22
1814 Oct 7 Reuben White to Ezekiel Brown EE: 576
1820 Green County, Georgia census, page 211
Ezekiel Brown, -m- 1{0-10}, 2{10-16}, 1{16-26}, 1{26-45}, 1{45+}, -f-3{0-10}, 1{26-45} 1825 William Merritt died, leaving his estate to his grandchildren- Ezekiel was made guardian.
Harris Co. Records- Microfilmed by Ga. Archives
Adeline minor Bk. 39 pg. 472 Misc. Order Bk. 28 pg. 10 Bond
Ezekiel Brown Guardian Bk. 66 Pg. 13
Bluford C. Brown minor- Bk. 66 p 13 Bond Miss. 28-15 Returns Bk. 40 p 63 Bk. 40-466
Ezekiel Brown adm. 39 472
MC. Mary Brown minor Bk. 39 Pg. 472 28-15
Ezekiel Brown Guardian 66-13
1827- May 19-Greene Co Ga (This would have to be nephew? Reuben's son?-Woodham's DIst. Drew Lee Co Ga
1830 Harris County, Georgia census, page 186
Ezekiel Brown, -m- 3{5-10}, 1{15-20}, 1{30-40}, 1{50-60}, -f- 1{5-10},1{10-15}, 1{15-20}, 1{30-40}, 1{40-50} Neighbors
Biby, Carter, Griffin, Cook, WIlkerson, Hopkins, Allen, Osier, Maynor, Parkman,Walker
about 40 houses away Absylum Bedwll lower P.T. Bedell
1830 Sep. 8 Thomas J. Bidell on document Court of Ordinary as Bond w/Ezekiel Brown Sr., & Jr.
Benj. Shenell for guardian of Ezekiel's children.
Pg. 79 Emeline Brown minor Ezekiel Guard 39-472 66 13 28-15 28-77
Pg. 80A R.A. Brown minor 30-244 E. Brown Guardian
Reuben Brown minor 66 13 Ezeliel Brown Guardian 39 472
William, Ezekiel minor 39-472 Ezekiel Sr Guardian 66-13 Miss Order. 28-15 28-77
1831 May Pg. 109 Returns of E. Brown Sr. for minors of said Brown
1832-4 Columbus Ga. Newspaper Clippings Columbus Enquirer Vol. I by Elizabeth Kilbourne..Sheriff levied on
property of Hoel Lane (crop of corn and cotton on Major Ezekiel Brown's farm) In favor of Rene Fitzpatrick.
21 Jul 1832
Fourth of July Celebration-At Hamilton
The following gentlemen offered toasts:
James M. Alexander, William Alexander, N. H. Barden, Dr J. J. Boswell, R. Brown, Reuben Brown, Major A. Crook, Major R. Hill, J. Kinneymore, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Thomas Leslie, W. F. Luckie, A. G. McAfee, Dougald McLain, A. M. McDougald, John Moore, Isaac Partidge, G. W. Ross, Dr J. Thompson, Thomas Williams, Thomas A. Williams, & L. B. Wright.
28 Jul 1832
Fourth of July Celebration-At Major John Mitchell's Mills
The following gentlemen offered toasts:
R. W. Armor, Joseph R. Bedell, Thomas J. Bedell, Z. Bias, Major Ezekiel Brown, Ezekiel Brown, Jr, Elisha Calhoun, William L. Candler, Major A. B. Dawson, Moses S. Duke, A.
Glenn, Thomas Hicks, Col Henry H. Lowe, Edwin T. Mitchell, Jordan H. Mitchell, J. W. Sanford, John J. Slatter, James Taylor, Thomas Taylor, David W. Walker, N. G. Walker, Thacker V. Walker, William G. Walker,& Robert Wildow.

1832 Apr. Hamilton, Harris Co. Ga. List of Letters-- Ezekiel Brown
Columbus Ga. Newspaper Clippings-Columbus Inquirer Vol. I
1832 Grand Jury Harris Co. Ga.
1832 Jul. 28 Sat. Columbus Enquierer Harris Co. Ga.
July 4th toast (apparently a yearly thing) at the home of Major John Mitchell's mill...
Maj. Ezekiel Brown
Ezekiel Brown Jr.
R. W. Armor
Thomas J. Bedell
Joseph R Bedell
1833 Jan. List of Letters
Major E Brown G W E Bedell Ezekiel Brown Jr.
Miss Fanny Brown Asa Cox James Z. Dismuke
For his service during the Creek Wars Turpin received eighty acres of land. Bounty Land Claim - Surviving Officer and Soldier, State of Georgia, County of Randolph, 7 Dec.1850, Turpin Cheshire, age 63, resident of Randolph County, settlement, Private in the Company commanded by Captain Ezekial Brown in the Georgia Regiment of Militia, War with the Creek Indians, volunteered at Carmons, Georgia, Randolph County, 29 June 1836, term of three months, discharged at Randolph County, Cuthbert, Georgia, 9 Sept. 1836.

1837 Apr. 16, 1837 Hancock Co. Dtr. of John Brewer Jr. Dec. and Mary "Polly:
Mitchell Harwell) From Cato Home page on Web.
Roll 84 0,326,530 Bk. 28 p 15 Ezekiel Brown Sr. is appointed guardian of his children
Posted $10,000 bond.
1838 J F, James M, Bluford and C Mary Minors in Father's return.
Ezekiel born 1763-died 1863 drew land 1838 Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery as a Rev. War
Buried Bethelhem Baptist Church-Pine Mountain Valley
See: (1) Abstracts of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots Reported to D.A.R. in 1956
(2) HISTORY OF HARRIS CO Ga 1827-1961 p 278
ALSO- Buried at Rev. Soldier-by Haversham Chapter-D.A.R.

1839 Mar. p 181 Returns for J F , James M & Bluford Brown
Revolutionary War Participants in the 1840 Federal Census for Georgia
1840- NOT LISTED IN THE LIST OF REV SOL 1840 Harris Co. Ga.
248 NORRIS, William 00000,00000,1 -00000,0001 1 0 NORRIS, William 84 Harris
256 SWAN, William B. 00001,00000,1 -00000,001 0 0 SWAN, William B. 82 Heard
1840 Census- Harris Co. Ga. Ezikeal Brown Sr...47 275 houses up from him Ezekial Brown Jr.
Ezekiel Brown, -m- 1{15-20}, 2{20-30}, 1{60-70}, -f- 1{50-60} 1841- Jan. 12 Received of Ezekiel Brown Sr. guardian of James M. Brown, my portion of the
estate left to me by my grandfather William Merritt dec. in full of said legacy J.M. Brown (4666 or
(Bk 16 pg 16500,327.535 had Court ordering Wm. M. Brown as Guadian of Ezekiel Roll 83)
1841 pg. 304 Return of E Brown to be admitted to Recess
1842 P. 264 Ordered by the court that the returns of E.Brown Sr. Franklin, James & Bluford
Brown be admitted to recess.
1850 Census- 16 Nov 1850 Pg 90, Goodman Dist, Harris Co, GA
Ezekiel Brown 84 Va
Elizabeth Brown 68 NC

next door-
M.D.L. Hodo 48 Ga
Elizabeeth L. Hodo 37 Ga
Seaborn B. Hodo 16 Ga
Martha Hodo 14 Ga
John W. 12 Ga
Mary E 8 Ga
M.D.L. Hodo 3

James M. Brown 27 Farmer Ga
Rebecca Brown 18 Ga

1857 Mary Brown dec'd- Peter F. Brown adm.
Mirabou L Brown minor John M. Brown Guardian
Robert Brown dec'd Elza Bowles ex. & Hamilton Brown, Elizabeth Christian all p. 80 A

1859- Mar. 19 Ezekiel signed a note to pay T I S Kimbrough Test. James M. (Ezekiel his mark)
-----Roll 0327541 Book 40 Pg. 174 Ezekiel Brown Sr. paid $694.84 as guardian of J.F., J.M.,
& Bluford Brown
---Pg. 80 Index to Bks. Pet Min. Bond
Ezekiel Brown dec'd Bk. 31 Pg. 463 Pk. 12 Bond p 277 Inv. App. 5 365
Leave to Sell Misc Matters Returns
31 p 466 31 463 32 29
52 368
31 115 464 32 29
32 174 54 135
33 306 32 190
54 359
32 210
(About this same time Austin Brown Dec. Mndy Brown adm.
Almedia Brown Minor-John M. Brown Guardian-
Cornelia H. Brown minor John M. Brown Guardian
1860-Feb 17-Minutes of Harris Court of Ordinary-Special Term-George W. Mullins Ordinary Presiding
Georgia Harris County
To the Honorable the Ordinary of Said County
The Petitition oof William M. Brown showeth Ezekiel Brown (Sen.) of said county as your petitioner in S informed
and believes is the reason mental inbecility and incapacity incapable of managing his own affairs. That said
Ezekiel Brown (Sen) has considerable property bot Real and Personal which is exposed & liable to be wasted.
Wherefore your Petitioner prays this is suing of a commission agreeable to the statue in such case made and
provided that the Commissioners named in said Commission may examine the said Ezekiel Brown as to his
alledged incapacity & Mental inbicility and that a Guardian may be appointed for him & your petitioner further
sheweth that the said Ezekiel Brown (Sen.) who has been duly notified of this application.
Bludord & Crawford Peters Atys
1860 Feb. 27 Ezekiel Brown Sr. Lunatic Wm. & Ezekiel Guardian Bk. 37 Pg 64 Bond 12-179 16-165
Court of Ordinary-Special Term Georgia Harris County
Whereas applicaition has been made to this court by William M. Brown stating that Ezekiel Brown of Said
county is by reason of Mental inbecility and incapacity incapable of managing his own affairs, that he has
considerable estate real and personal, and that he has no guardian, and whereas it appears that notice of
application for the issuing of a commission Ezekiel has been given in terms of the law and no objections having
been made. It is therefore ordered that a commission issue in said case.
Geor. W. Mullins Ordinary
There being no further business the court adjournes Jul. 17, 1860
Geo. W. Mullins Ordinary
1860 Mar. 5 Roll 327553 Book 12 p 179 Wm. Brown, James F. Brown set security for E.Brown
Estate. p 277-78 Deals with estate & bonds for it.
1860 No. 11 Mr. James Brown bought of BG & S Stern? 1 Linin Coat of 2500 Received Payment
BG & S Stern. (Along with William M. Brown Guardian-pmts.)
No.13 He was called E.A. Ezekiel Brown
- Pg. 64---Roll 0327,531 Bk. #31 Ezekiel Brown Sr. not capable of taking care of estate. John F. Brown & J.M. Brown signed on statement. Wm. M. Brown brought the petition to ct.
- Pg. 69 List of men that were ordered to declare E. Brown incapable of managing affairs.
- Pg. 70- Wm. Brown takes oath & places a Bond to be guardian of E. Brown
- Pg. 86 Court ordered appraisal of land of E. Brown
1860 Returns 0,327,546 Book 51 Pages 160-164 May 17 1860 to May 17 1861 (Expenses pd.)
0,327,546 Book 52 Pages 38, 39,40 349-350 More Expenses paid
- Pg. 104
1860 May 17- Wm. Brown guardian of E. Brown
- Pg. 191
1860 Census 28 Jul 1860 Pg 603, 1186 Dist, Harris Co, GA Living w/son James
1860 Harris County, Georgia census, page 603 Ezekiel Brown 96, James Brown 37, Rebecca 33, Bluford 11, M. {male} 9
1861 Aug. 31 William told to sell land and negroes of E. Brown
- Pg. 300
1863 Jan. 12 Returns Posted
1863 Jul. 1 Pg. 281 Harris Co. Ga. Bk. 53 Microfilmed May 6, 1963 SLC
William M. Brown guardian for Ezekiel Brown from July 1 63 to Jul 1 64
He paid out $2283.63 Received $1549.43
Dates Jan. 20, 64, Mar 28, Jul. 11 1853, May 1 1863
--Roll #0327495 Estate of Ezekel Brown. Adm. Wm. M. Brown to James F
20th Dist. Lot b H102
20th Dist Lot 95 H102
1/3 Interest H103
20th Dist. Lot 56
202 1/2 acres Burk? WH
- Pg. 463
1864 June Estate consist of land, negroes and perishable property worth placed at $40,000 in
Confederate Money
1864 Jul. (same page) Published in Harris Co. Enterprise
- Pg. 466 Notice that Wm Brown will sell perishable property
1864- Pg. 282 Says Major E. Brown to William Brown Jul. 1 1864 Deed.
1864- Estate Papers Jul 1 1863-Jul 1 1864
Still called guardian & agent one time.
Sept, 5 1864 Wm. M. Applies for Adm. of Ezekiel Dec'd-------------
1865 Apr. 3 Returns Roll 0327531 Book 21 P 1
1866 Jun 1 Wm. Adm. Ezekiel returnes presented
1867 Feb. William Brown 174 Ready to compromise & settle estate.
1867 Jul. 1 210 Returns
1870 Apr- William M. Brown was murdered.
1874- Feb. Term. Sheriff opening & closing cost... Wm. M. having recently departed this life...
And estate in grave danger..with rights of credit..not likely that security deposit can be
paid by anyone-wanted to publish or Superior Court assign, or some other fit and proper
person- handle it...Benjamin H. Williams was assigned. Roll 0327532 Book #33

Born a 1766-69 according to Census Records..but....Buried as a Rev.Soldier with marker. Birth date does not check out. Listed in Savannah Paper giving Greene Co. Speech, with rank, and in travels thru Miss. Territory. Find 1812 name-no records. Find Rev. name-no records. Son William M. in Harris court records took over Fathers estate,with permission of court and other children living in Ga. Because Father was "imbosile".
"History of Harris County, Georgia" by Louise Barfield, page 278, Ezekiel Brown Rev. Soldier, grave marked by Button Gwinnett, DAR Chapter, at Bethelem Baptist Church, Pine Mt. Valley in 1956;

Wilkinson Co. Ga. records..Ezekiel living Wilkinson Got Greene.
Burwell living Wilkinson Got Green. a Burwell Dec'd Ga Int. Records Austin.
1805 Land Lottery Ezekiel B-one draw Blank..(Single)
Reuben P B 2 draws Prize #1 Blank #2 (Married with wife and or child)
1807 William Brown Wilkinson
Sara Brown Wilkinson.
(Armour's and McMichael's also lived Wilkinson got Greene)

Jones Co Records Benjamin Brown 9 Jan 1808 20th Dist Wilkinson
To John Lamar of Baldwin
Signed Ben Brown
wit. Thomas Lamar Jr and Wm Langham
Wilkins Jackson J P

Emanuel Brown in NC 1803 Wash Co Ga 2 Emanuel's 1827 and 1852
also Hardley Brown 1852 Sons Edwing, Larup, Hezekiah, Th., Handley, Wm Alex and George Washington.

Burwell B Brown and Eugenia J Brown m 8 Jan 1867 Morgan Co Ga according to I
GA 10-18-88.
!A John m 2 May 1814 Record 8607204 Burchett Boxter.1396176.

A William Brown b 26 May 1768 Albermarle Par. Sussex/Surry Va was child of
Burwell Brown and Amy. He was Christened 26 Jun 1768..Godfather Nathaniel
Parham and William Meanly Godmother Jane. See Morman Mat. General.

A James Brown married 29 Dec 1831 Mary Jones in Crawford Morman Record 70308
25 17.

The name Valentine is also associated with these Brown's..and one set..
John Brown Sr b a 1685 d1784 Lunenburg Co Va.
had John Jr,Valentine,Richard, Manoah, Jesse (f), and Mary..
Valentine b 1720 Va d 1776 m Ann
He had John Colewell Brown b 1748 Lunenburg Va d Wash. Tn. m Jane b 1770 Lun.
had Frances "Fanny" Brown d 1856 NC m Dr Leonard Fa.can not read. I have more.

Ezekiel Brown Land Lottery 19 May 1827 Greene Co Ga Fiche 6019971 Day 64
Lived in Woodhams Dist and Drew 19-01-01 Lee Co Ga.
Census Harris Co Ga 1830 5-10 1 15-20 1 30-40 1 50-60 1 f 5-10 1 10-15 1 15-20 1 30-40 1
Military Commission 24 Jun 1806 Major of 25th Bttn of Militia...
An Ezekiel was in 1790 Ceneus SC Chester Co 22400.
Teliaferro Co. Ga Pg 118 Deed Book A. Admins. of Wm Merritt dec'd..Lemuel
Green and Ezekiel Brown to Thomas Asbury Text. Wm. W, D Weaver; Thomas Grant: P H Green I P 3/12 1828.
In Ga Journal Vol 3 page 212 Greenesborough levied upon property of Wm
FitzPatrick to satisfy sundray fi fas in favor or Daniel Mercer vs Wm.
FitzPatrick and Augustin Greene..Ellis Clement's interest in 150 acres of land adj. Ezekiel Brown.
Probably a grandaughter, not shown in my records Mary Ann Lucinda Brown b 25
Dec 1835 Harris Morman Record 8205307 2.
Somehow tied to this family is Hattie Burkhalter b 1834 d 1868 buried in Burna Vista City Cem.
1804 Jan. 28 Ezekiel pg. 97 Bought 136 acres. William Brown witness.

Well, it sounds like we are cooking---

1850 Census Harris Co.
Ezekiel Brown 84 Ga Elizabeth 68 Va..
next door MDL Hodo- which was the family one of Ezekiel's son's married into...

Then James M. Brown 27 B. Ga. and Reuben Brown 18 were there.. Those are his sons.
James M. married Rebecca Hodo in 1848.

Harris Co. Marriages Abstracted by Marcia P. Gorman-
Lewis Brown married Aug. 10 1840 (And he is not my family) (This list only went to 1841-and is something I copied years ago.)

J W Brown married 1838-He is not my family
James M m 1848 (Shows her name Wade, but was Hodo)
John married 1843-He is not my family
Lewis m 1840 (again)
Ogmiton m 1841- He is not my family
R W m 1847 Evaline M. Armour= and Reuben W. Brown is son of Ezekiel's Brother= Evaline dtr. of
Adeline Brown & Richard Wm. Armour Grandparents Ezekiel & Elizabeth James Armour & Rachel
Phillips son of Andrew who is brother of my John Armour in Greene Co. Ga.
Sheldrake m 1840- He is not my family
William m 1841 - He is not my family

SO you will find at LEAST one more Brown family in the 1840 Census of Harris Co. Ga. (Morman Records will have this if your library does not.)

Females. Same book page 00004
Adaline-already mentioned married 1829
Amanda M married John B. Howard 3=5=1850 not my family
Elizabeth m 1832- Not my family
Emeline m 1831 Georgious W E Bedell- dtr. of Ezekiel
Louise m 1832- Not my family
Luvine E m 1852-not my family
Martha m 1847-not my family

So we have 10 children getting married 1830-40 who are not my direct kin, but surely may be lateral lines.

I have collected very few Harris Co. records, as I only have that one family there... I do have from HISTORY OF HARRIS CO 1830-which of course is just an index. I do not find another Brown- and apparently they came to Greene after this census...1832 being the earliest marriage

I do not know if I have all of 1840- also by Marcia P. Gorman..
David Brown Pg.28 (Listed 10 doors down from M.Hodo mentioned above- Marquis)(Ezekiel was next to him, and his son next to him on the other side. Ezekiel is on page 27 here. as Lewis
Lewis Brown=also mentioned above.

HISTORY OF again..1850 pages
Robert Brown 58 Farmer B Ga and Mary 50 B Ga
Elizabeth 29 B Ga
Augustus B 32 Machinest Ga (Not sure why Kids ages are not in order-usually means a married one)
Elizabeth 19 F Ga
Robert 19 Ga Farmer

Shelldrake 27 Farmer Ga Louisa 21 (Is this the same one in 1940 who married Jane Carthage 4-5?
Elizabeth Brown 19, Robert Brown (Seems to be the two agove? Did A Parent die?)

Where do you live? Is none of this available to you? You need to get the 1840 Census, at least and look at who was there, children etc.

I have spent a couple of hours on this now, all that I can spare..
Hope it helps. Be sure to let me know what you find..Maybe we can trace it back to kin.

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002 11:50:02 -0500 "Carolyn Howard" writes:
> Gerry, boy things are really happening now. I wrote another "HELP -
> message to the Tallapoosa Co., AL list and got the following
> information:
> Ray Driscoll who had recently given me the information on the
> marriage of my
> grandparents, Susan A. Thomas and John F. Gilbert, today wrote me
> another
> message and gave me marriages for several John Thomases and
> Amanda's. One
> is particularly intriguing. The one marriage that he listed which I
> believe
> is the right one was the marriage of a John Q. Thomas and an Amanda
> M. Brown
> in Harris Co., GA in May of 1850. Sounds right to me, considering
> the other
> info I have.
> Sue
> ----- Original Message -----
> From:
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2002 2:50 PM
> Subject: Re: Ezekiel Brown
> > Well, I passed up a similar opportunity- and that was stupid... I
> had a
> > scholorship to Andrew College, but at the time I had just
> completed 7
> > years in an all girls Methodist Boarding School, and Andrew was
> all girls
> > again. I had enough of that! I did not start college until I was
> 36,
> > divorced and my kids were older. My oldest was also in college. I
> went at
> > night and she went in the day time. Worked out!
> >
> > Well, I still don't seem to fit them in...and wish we knew more.
> If they
> > are buried there, they might tie in...Since William did not marry
> until
> > 1803, he was no spring chicken, so maybe he had an earlier wife
> and child
> > that I have never seen records on...who knows. Wierder things have
> > happened.
> >
> > I had a couple of Bap. preacher ancestors- John Collinsworth and
> his
> > Grandson Robert Milton Carter..but it did not rub off on me well
> enough!
> >
> > Gerry
> >
> >
> > On Sat, 30 Mar 2002 08:51:43 -0500 "Carolyn Howard"
> > writes:
> > > I'm sorry, Gerry. You're not psychic, are you?!! Well, my
> > > grandmother,
> > > Susan Americus Thomas, was born in about 1848/50/52 - I've seen
> all
> > > of these
> > > dates. So I'm figuring her parents were born about
> 1827/28/29/30
> > > and if
> > > Ezekiel was her grandfather, then he was born anywhere from late
> > > 1790's up
> > > to 1805-07. This is about all I can tell you.
> > >
> > > A little side story, one of my uncles who was born in 1875 (one
> of
> > > my
> > > mother's older brothers) wanted to become a preacher. His
> father
> > > let him
> > > take a bull to market, sell it, and buy a ticket all the way to
> > > Georgia from
> > > Mississippi. Somehow, he got in with some people in Georgia who
> > > helped him
> > > get into Mercer University. He later became the editor of the
> > > paper, "The
> > > Christian Index" and was a well-known Baptist preacher in
> Georgia.
> > > His name
> > > was Oseola P. Gilbert - my Uncle Ose, as we called him. He died
> > > back in the
> > > 1940's. They had retired to St. Simons Island, GA. He offered
> to
> > > send one
> > > or both of my older sisters to Mercer back in the early 1940's,
> but
> > > neither
> > > one were interested in college, I guess.
> > >
> > > Sue
> > > ----- Original Message -----
> > > From:
> > > To:
> > > Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 5:17 AM
> > > Subject: Re: Ezekiel Brown
> > >
> > >
> > > > If he was a preacher, Methodist or Bap... there are books on
> them.
> > > I have
> > > > both. Mercer Univ. Macon Ga is the depository, for one..can
> not
> > > remember
> > > > which.
> > > > Bap. has two books out on deaths reported in the early period,
> but
> > > Macon
> > > > Washington Memorial Library has books on preachers of both...
> > > >
> > > > If I had DATES it would help. I don't even know what century-
> as I
> > > said,
> > > > there were other Ezekiel's in the next two generations of this
> > > family.
> > > >
On Fri, 29 Mar 2002 18:56:42 -0500 "Carolyn Howard"> writes:
Thank you, Gerry, for responding. Well, it looks like you've proven once more that your Ezekiel Brown could not be related to me. Well, I can't tell you any more about my Ezekiel and Florence Brown. All I know of them is what my uncle said. I don't know where they were before Harris
County and apparently - according to my uncle - they died in Harris County and were buried there. They lived to be over 100 years old, each. One thing that my grandmother (by the way, her name was Susan Americus Thomas, born around 1848-52, supposedly in Georgia) always talked about was her grandfather (or perhaps her great grandfather) being a Baptist preacher - I assume, Baptist,
because we all turned out to be Baptist. I'm going to orward your message to my cousin, Greg Gilbert, who is this genalogy journey e> to let him know about all this. Sue
Greg, this message is from Gerry Hill who descends from the Ezekiel and Elizabeth Brown you found on the Harris Co. census.> > > > > ----- Original Message -----From:
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 1:43 PM
First, let me tell you the children of Ezekiel are well documented in two ways..
Someone died- Not sure who, but Ezekiel was appointed guardian in Harris, and the children were all named. Then William Merritt died, Father of Elizabeth- and he named his grandchildren by his two dtrs. and gave son-in-law's names too.I too went to Harris, and did his estate papers, and whatever else I could find. All were stamped with the Ga. Archives stamp,saying that records have been filmed, and they are at the Ga. Arhives.Through interlibrary loan, you may be able to get some of these from them? But..The only children mentioned are:
William M 1805
Ezekiel 1806
Adeline (Spelled several ways-Aduline, Adaline) 1813
Catherine Mary Emeiline 1816 (Called CME in most papers. Took me a while to find out those)
John Franklin 1818
James Monroe 1822
Bluford aft 1822 and that's it
The marriage was in Greene Co. Ga. and is in Rice & Williams book HISTORY OF GREENE of Elizabeth Merritt and Ezekiel Brown.> > > > > > I did not find a John Thomas & Amanda Brown in my data
> base.
> > > Lots
> > > > > of John
> > > > > > Thomas, married to someone else.
> > > > > >
> > > > > > Amanda Brown- The only one I know of there is Amanda Gray
> > > married
> > > > > William
> > > > > > M. Brown above. They had an Emily Amanda but she married
> > > Thomas Raines edical Director. of Ga. Yep, the slaves, when freed, had to choose a last name, and a lot of them chose their former masters name..that being all they knew, and sometimes> someone they cared for. Or she could have been a child of the Masters. As you know, that happened a lot too.Give me the migratory pattern that you know of of Florence Brown-I don't
> > > > > > have her, and I don't have all the children of Ezekiel's childreneither.Several went to other states.ot sure how old Ezekiel and Elizabeth were. Her grave gives NO DATES, no name. Just a blank slab beside him. His is decorated with a DAR Marker from the Habersham Chapter, and DAR headquarters has NORECORDS on him. Only an index card with his name on it. Documentaton
> is supposed to be supplied for that marker... His birth date is not on the grave.... The only thing I have to go by are the 1850 and 1850 census of Harris Co. Ga. which makes him born about 1765 (Va) and died 1863. If he > were> > > > > actually older, he might have been a Rev. Sol., but I can't find
> that either, andhe was too young with that date. They married 1803- And he had been around by then...(Perewspaper accounts of speeches etc.) Her date would be abt 1783 (NC) and she died aft 1860 Census, but that'sll I know. Neither were found after that...and he has estate papers wh Wm. M. declared him senile, though I think in that day it just meant he could not take care of his business..and another couple of sons were on it with him. Others were menaioned and the state
Marriages in Harris
Adeline was there- Ezekiel's (Sr)
Elizabeth was there Henry Truett 10-7-1832
Emeline was there- Ezekiel's (Sr)
Louisa and Geuben Tidwell 1-6-1852
Luvine E & Francis M. Lawson 7-22-1847
Martha and W.G. McKee 8-10-1839
All unknown's to me- except mentioned....
J W & Mary Ann Grace 11-21-1838
James M & Rebecca Wade (Turns out to be HODO, not Wade) 10-26-1848 (Ezekiel Sr's.)
John & Martha Ann Adkins 6-22-1843
Lewis & Obedience Freeman 11-2-1841
Ogmiton and E.M. Cheatman 9-26-1847 (Widow 1860 Cencus Habersham -my notes)
R.W. & Evaline M. Armor (Reuben) 9-26-1858 (Ezekiel's Sr's brother Reuben's son)
Sheldrake & Jane Carthage 4-5-1840
William & Nancy Flynn 12-23-1841

Oath of Allegience-George Washington, Commander-in-Chief Valley Forge, 1778 - Page 10
On February 3, 1778, Congress, having taken into consideration the report of the special committee appointed to devise effectual means to prevent persons disaffected to the interest of the United States from being employed in any of the important offices thereof, resolved, That every officer who held or should thereafter hold a commission or office from Congress, should subscribe the oath or affirmation of allegiance. These oaths or affirmations the commander-in-chief or any major or brigadier-general was authorized and directed to administer to all officers of the army or of any of the departments thereof. Those mentioned in the following list (with a few exceptions) took the oath at Valley Forge in the spring of '78 before that encampment was broke, and who undoubtedly were members of the army actually in camp at Valley Forge the ever memorable winter of '77-'78. The names are given in the order in which they appear in the volumes of original manuscripts from which they are taken.
Richard Taylor, lieut. 6th Penna. regiment. Taken at Albany.
Ezekiel Brown, surgeon Col. Ichabod Alden.
Ebenezer Peabody, lt. Col. Ichabod Alden.
Joseph Charles, ensign Col. Ichabod Alden.
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