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Robert Harris (Col), (Of Mecklenburg Co NC)

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Suffix  (Of Mecklenburg Co NC) 
Birth  1714  Donegel, Ireland 
Sex  Male 
Person ID  I99322  Default Tree 
Last Modified  30 Sep 2004 
Family 1  Ann Harris, b. Abt 1715 
Group Sheet  F42399  Default Tree 
Notes  Listed in "Mecklenburg Signers" as a son of Robert Harris on Rocky River in Cabarrus County (formerly Mecklenburg County before 1791). The date of his marriage to Frances Cunningham is not given. He is referred to in this entry as a Junior. In the book "Cabarrus County North Carolina Court Minutes (Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions) 1793-1797" at Arlington Library, found numerous entries for Robert Harris. He is shown as a judge in the county. In the Tuesday October 21 1794, the listing is "The Court met according to adjournment. Present the Worshipful Robert Harris, John Allison, William Polk, Daniel Garret & John Wylie Esquires." In other cases he is listed as Robert Harris or Robert Harris Senior. In another entry, on page 67,on Monday, April 18 1796, a Deed of Conveyance was admitted to be recorded from Robert Harris Senior to Mathew Campbell of three and three quarters acres of Land dated March the 29th 1796. On page 49: Wednesday July the 22nd 1795. The Court met according to adjournment. Justice present Col Robert Harris, John Wylie, Edward Giles & William Scott Esquires. It is assumed that the various titles- Colonel, Major, Captain, Judge and Worshipful- all refer to the same Robert Harris, Senior. In the book "Mecklingburg Signers" on pp396 it is stated that Col. Robert Harris on Reedy Creek was among the first settlers in the bounds of the congregation of Rocky River Church, along with his brother Samuel Harris on Clear Creek. What became known as the Poplar Tent Congregation was taken from Rocky River, an older organization. Robert Harris moved to the Poplar Tent Congregation in 1771 as an elder. This same book proposes that the two Harrises, along with others, were the settlers of Carabbus County, having come from Maryland. They first lived in southern Maryland, in Somerset County on the Chesapeake Bay, then many moved as a group north to the northeast corner of Maryland where Pennsylvania and Delaware meet Maryland. They then moved as a group to Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, joined by some left behind in southern Maryland. In "Mecklenburg Signers" by Ray, the following appears: THE ROCKY RIVER HARRIS The Harris family of the Rocky River section of Mecklenburg County ( Now part of Cabarrus County) , according to Miss Clara C. Harris, the family historian, of Concord North Carolina, are descendants of a certain Robert Harris who married Dorothy Wiley, who had the following children: 1. John Harris m. (1) Grizzel Steele (2) Rebecca McBay. 2. William Harris m. Elizabeth Glenn 3. James Harris m. Mary McIlhenny 4. Margaret Harris m. Alexander Poer 5. Thomas Harris m. (1) Mary McKinney (2) Agnes 6. Samuel Harris m. Martha Laird 7. Robert Harris m. Frances Cunningham (2) Ann Harris Caldwell 8. Charles Harris . (1) Jane McIlhenny (2) Elizabeth (Thomson) Baker Miss Harris says these brothers came from Pennsylvania to Mecklenburg County, N.C. about 1750, all except brother William Harris, who stopped in Cecil County, Maryland, where he and his descendants remained. She is a descendant of James Harris and his wife Mary McIlhenny, through his oldest son Robert, who married Margaret Harper (b. 1737), who had a son Hezekiah Price Harris (1800-1869), whose son Richard Sadler Harris (1835-1911) had Wade Hampton Harris (1858-1935) who married Cora Springs. (Note: The writer regrets inability to give the chart of the family in full, for lack of space. This Harris was NOT, in his opinion, a Pennsylvania family, but just another one of the families from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, who came from the vicinity of Somerset County and the Pocomoke River, gradually worked their way Northward to the upper reaches of the Sasafras River, into the "Forks of the Elk" where Joseph Alexander and Alexander Ewing lived and joined those families in the trek Southward down through Virginia and into North Carolina. The traditional account relied upon by the Harris family is purely traditiion in fact, and no evidence has been found identifying the family inPennsylvania. On page 439 of "Howe's History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina" an account of the lifeof Rev. John Harris, says he was born in 1725 of Welch parents, who settled on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, graduated at Princeton in 1753, and soon thereafter preached to the Churches of Vicomico and Monokin, in Somerset County, in Maryland.) Col. Robert Harris is listed in "Harris Ancestors," NCHarris.AOL as a son of Robert Harris and Dorothy Wylie, born in Donegal Co., Ireland abt 1714. (Rev. War)(DAR #64977). His will is dated 25 Jan 1798. He is described as "of Reedy Creek." Dates of birth and death obtained from World Family Tree, Vol 1., as b. 1714, d. 1796.
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