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Matches 1 to 23 of 23 for Last Name equals LYNCH

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Lynch, Aaron  b. 1730 , Laurens, SC  I6866 Default Tree 
2 Lynch, Catherine  b. 1772 ,,NC  I6856 Default Tree 
3 Lynch, Charles Sr Maj  b. 1705 , Galway, Ireland  I2700 Default Tree 
4 Lynch, David (of Orange Co NC)    I37039 Default Tree 
5 Lynch, David  b. 1779 , Orange, NC  I6857 Default Tree 
6 Lynch, Edmond    I6868 Default Tree 
7 Lynch, Elizabeth  b. 28 Oct 1757 , Orange, NC  I6853 Default Tree 
8 Lynch, Jesse  b. 1752 ,,NC  I6852 Default Tree 
9 Lynch, John Sr    I6867 Default Tree 
10 Lynch, John  b. Abt 1750  I6850 Default Tree 
11 Lynch, Johnson (Of Annapolis, MdBerkeley Co SCCapt)  b. Abt 1673  I6835 Default Tree 
12 Lynch, Jonack ( Irish Catholic Planter Legislator)  b. Abt 1650 , Gallway, Ireland  I6838 Default Tree 
13 Lynch, Jonah Jonach (To SC from Ireland)  b. Abt 1708  I6834 Default Tree 
14 Lynch, Margaret  b. Nov 1711 St James Santee, SC  I16267 Default Tree 
15 Lynch, Mary  b. Abt 1705  I16295 Default Tree 
16 Lynch, Mary  b. Abt 1765  I6855 Default Tree 
17 Lynch, Moses  b. Abt 1758  I6854 Default Tree 
18 Lynch, Nancy "Jane"  b. Abt 1762  I341 Default Tree 
19 Lynch, Ruth  b. Abt 1755  I6869 Default Tree 
20 Lynch, Thomas (Of Craven Co SC)  b. Abt 1725  I343 Default Tree 
21 Lynch, Thomas  b. 1727 Annapolis, Md  I6848 Default Tree 
22 Lynch, Thomas Jr  b. 1748 ,,NC  I6849 Default Tree 
23 Lynch, Thomas II Planter, Legislator  b. 1675  I16293 Default Tree 

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